When your doctor prescribes a medical device or uses a medical device as part of your treatment plan, you expect the device to perform as it is intended to perform. You certainly do not expect the device to cause further injury. However, medical devices can cause injury. In some cases, a manufacturer or other party may be held liable if a medical device injuries a patient.

When a defective medical device injures you or a family member, you need to take steps to protect your legal right to compensation for your injuries and damages. In this blog, our New Orleans defective medical device attorneys discuss the steps you should take to protect your health and your rights. If you would like to speak to a Louisiana defective products attorney free of charge, call 1-800-587-1889.

Steps to Take After Being Injured by a Medical Device

If you believe a medical device injured you or a family member:

  • Consult your doctor immediately! Your health could be at risk. Contact your doctor to discuss the steps you need to take to prevent further injury.
  • Keep the product. If possible, keep the medical device, packaging, information, and any other documentation related to the medical device.
  • Report the injury to the FDA. The FDA has a system for reporting injuries caused by medical devices. Even though a patient is not a mandatory reporter, the FDA encourages patients to report any adverse side effects, injuries, and malfunctions to the FDA through its adverse event reporting system.
  • Schedule a free consultation with an attorney. A defective medical product can cause serious injuries. Proving a defective product claim can be difficult. An experienced Louisiana product liability lawyer investigates the circumstances of your injury to determine if the manufacturer or another party may be liable for your injuries. Your attorney also gathers evidence to prove your claim that a defective medical device caused your injury.

Filing a Claim for Injuries Caused by a Defective Medical Device

Our law firm handles a variety of claims involving defective medical devices. Some of the cases that our attorneys are handling right now include claims involving the following medical devices:

The damages caused by a defective medical device can include substantial financial damages, physical injuries, and emotional damages. A manufacturer may be held liable for these damages in a product liability lawsuit. Our lawyers review your claim during a free case review to help you determine the best course of action that may lead to recovery of compensation for your claim.

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