As trials in existing hernia mesh cases continue, new cases of injuries caused by the defective product are still being filed. Trial number three against C.R. Bard will now begin in October 2023 in the US District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. Although Ethicon and Atrium settled confidentially in 2021, active cases may still go to trial in 2023 under the MDLs. The fourth bellwether trial against Bard is currently scheduled for January 2024.

Bard Requesting New Plaintiffs in Hernia Mesh 

Bard has asked the federal judge in the multi-district litigation case to replace the plaintiffs because their conditions have worsened. Bard stated that the current plaintiffs no longer represent the more the 18,000 people who have filed lawsuits concerning the defective product. All the cases involved in the MDL are now consolidated into Ohio’s Southern District. Bellwether trials help show how a jury may respond to evidence presented, and can influence how much compensation others with claims might receive.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuits: What Kinds of Injuries Can Cause Them?

A number of lawsuit plaintiffs suffered complications associated with hernia mesh so severe that at least one additional surgery was necessary to fix their problems. In some cases, more surgeries were required. There have been reports of complications persisting even after revision surgery.

There may be a hernia mesh lawsuit case for you if your doctor recommended revision surgery after you experienced one or more of the following complications or injuries.

  • Persistent pain: Symptoms of chronic pain after hernia mesh surgery may include nerve damage or chronic inflammation if the pain persists for months or years.
  • Revision surgery: Hernia mesh revision operations may be performed in stages in order to correct faulty mesh.
  • Tissue and organ adhesion: Mesh implants adhere to other tissues and organs.
  • Bowel obstruction: A hernia mesh obstructed the bowel by sticking to it or moving around in the body.
  • Failure of the mesh: The implant causes hernia and pain recurrences, requiring its removal.
  • Fluid buildup: An area around the surgical site fills with pockets of fluid.
  • Migration: As a result of hernia mesh migration, it is transferred from the initial site of surgery to another part of the body.
  • Infection: Chronic inflammation occurring around the hernia mesh can lead to serious infection. 
  • Tissue or organ perforation: As the hernia mesh is migrating, it may lead to puncture wounds to tissues or organs.

Hernia Mesh Surgery: Getting Help for Your Trauma

Those injured by defective medical devices can turn to our law firm for help. You can expect pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses and other damages that are associated with hernia mesh lawsuit injuries if you are involved in a product liability case. Obtaining compensation for your injuries will be our top priority. Our lawyers are highly experienced in this field and are ready to fight for your rights. For a free review of your case, contact us today.

The Olinde Firm: The Defective Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Attorneys

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