The Paragard class action lawsuit is against CooperSurgical, Inc. and their subsidiary Medical Delivery Systems, LLC (MDS). The lawsuit claims that the companies were responsible for manufacturing and selling defective intrauterine devices (IUDs) known as Paragard. The lawsuit alleges that these IUDs caused serious medical complications such as pain, infection, perforation of the uterus or other organs, device expulsion, irregular bleeding and pelvic inflammatory disease.

The plaintiffs seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages due to missed work time relating to doctor visits or surgery and emotional distress from complications resulting from the use of this medical device. Additionally, they may request that punitive damages be awarded to punish the defendants and deter similar conduct in the future.

Latest Updates on the Progress of the Paragard Class Action Lawsuit

The class action lawsuit continues to grow slowly and steadily as the opening bellwether test trial approaches in under twelve months. During the last 30 days, 53 new lawsuits related to the defective IUDs have been added to the MDL, bringing the total to 2,063 and marking the 14th consecutive month of at least 40 new cases.

Bellwether Trial Tentatively Scheduled for March 2024

Pretrial proceedings were consolidated in 2020 and transferred all cases to the Northern District of Georgia under Judge Leigh Martin May. The first bellwether trial is scheduled to start on March 4, 2024, but the Court won’t determine what case will be heard before a jury until this fall, once a small group of claims goes through case-specific discovery over the next six months. The involved parties are scheduled to meet in August 2023 to reduce the 10 bellwether cases to six. The plaintiffs will pick one case, the defendants another, and the court selects the third for the initial trial.

Allegations that the Paragard IUD Is Defective

In 2016, reports began to surface that the Paragard IUD may be defective due to a design defect and can break while still inside a patient’s body. If this happens, it could cause serious health issues, including perforation of the uterus or other organs, infection, pelvic pain, infertility and even ectopic pregnancy. In some cases, corrective surgery is required to remove the broken pieces of the device.

Failure to Warn and Inadequate Testing

The manufacturer of the defective medical product has disputed these claims, but numerous lawsuits have been filed alleging that Teva Pharmaceuticals, the original owner of the device, negligently designed and marketed an unsafe medical device. The lawyers involved in the suits contend that companies failed to warn consumers about potential safety risks associated with using the IUD device and to properly test it before releasing it to the public.

Contacting a Defective Paragard IUD Lawsuit Attorney

If you or a loved one has suffered serious complications from an IUD, contact an experienced defective medical device attorney. An experienced lawyer can provide guidance on how to pursue compensation for damages and help ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. Choosing someone knowledgeable and experienced with defective medical device cases is important when determining which attorney to hire. 

Olinde Law Firm: Paragard Class Action Lawyers

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