In 2010, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a safety warning regarding the use of Bard IVC Filters, which are small, cage-like devices implanted into a person’s body to prevent blood clotting. The warning was issued after 921 adverse reports concerning the device’s tendency to break apart or dissipate into the blood stream, thus causing extensive additional damage to patients. The initial scope of the FDA’s warning was limited to surgical and emergency room medical teams.

FDA Expands IVC Filter Warning

Recently, the FDA drastically expanded the scope of its safety alert regarding Bard IVC Filters to all physicians who implant IVC Filters, as well as any medical professionals involved in the ongoing treatment of those who have the devices fitted. In short, the FDA is no longer concerned about the use of Bard IVC Filters just in surgery and emergency medicine; it is concerned about all uses of Bard IVC Filters, and is putting physicians dealing with previously-implanted Bard IVC Filters on notice that there may be real problems with these defective medical devices.

New Orleans Bard IVC Lawsuit Attorneys

The recent FDA expanded warning is just another public recognition of what many people already know—the defective devices of Bard IVC Filters can cause serious injuries and even loss of life. These extensive dangers are also associated with expensive costs from additional medical bills, lost wages from missed time at work, and very real instances of pain or emotional suffering.

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