Insurance Reform Called for in Wake of Hurricane Ida

The devastation that resulted after Hurricane Ida was made all the worse for residents seeking insurance claims. In fact, the lack of response by insurers is behind the governor’s and legislators’ quest for insurance company reform. Recently, government officials held a meeting with residents hurt by lack of insurance to hear first-hand what was happening. Residents say that they are worn down by the insurers’ lack of responsiveness to their problems. 

Residents Are Trifled With When They File a Claim for Hurricane Ida Damages

Since residents need to rebuild if life is going to take on a semblance of normalcy, many are using their savings to bridge the gap. One of the biggest issues is waiting as the months and years roll by. Residents say they are offered one-third of what they need to repair their property, and they feel the insurers are making little effort to live up to their obligations. 

Some residents are literally caught in the middle since the payout is not sufficient to repair the structures and much less than they need to build or buy another. To keep their family safe, they are renting but live without furniture. This bare bones approach to recovering their lives means they are forced to endure significant hardship. 

Adjusters Are Not Doing Their Jobs

As far as the residents are concerned, the adjusters are not doing what they need to do and are taking shortcuts. One woman, whose home was ravaged by Hurricane Ida, said the adjuster gave a cursory inspection of her property. The adjusters, residents say, are not thoroughly inspecting the properties. For instance, one woman said that, despite a huge hole in her roof, the inspector did not make the effort to look at it. 

Governor Edwards Takes a Stand

The Governor said the insurance companies need to fulfill their obligations to policyholders. Insurers, Governor Edwards said, are either delaying dealing with policies or minimizing the damage until the policyholder gives up. In light of such a tragedy, the policyholders simply are unable to put up much resistance. 

Insurance Reforms Are Needed

Edwards said he believes that insurance reforms are needed and wants it done this year. He said the penalties for the insurers’ bad faith efforts are nebulous. It is also difficult to say what the bad faith penalties would add up to and what it takes to initiate them.

Legislators echoed the governor’s concerns, saying that the insurers must be accountable and honest. However, it seems there is no way to make them do this under the current laws. As the roadblocks barring residents from recouping the losses mount, many are seeking legal help.

How a Law Firm Can Help

The experienced lawyers at the Olinde Law Firm have helped many residents recover the compensation they deserve from insurers over the years. We believe that no one should be left behind when disaster strikes, especially when they have faithfully paid their premiums. We investigate your case, determine the proper payout and negotiate with the insurance company to get it. Call the Olinde Law Firm at (800) 587-1889 to schedule a free case review. We will answer your questions and discuss your options going forward. We can also be reached online