Don’t Miss the Deadline for Hurricane Ida’s Claims

As with most things, hurricanes have deadlines. In the case of Hurricane Ida, the deadline to file a claim for residential and commercial loss was February 25, 2022, which is 180-days after the storm as mandated by law. It is important for you to file by this date. If you are doubtful that the adjuster’s report is accurate or if you think you qualify for additional funds, file the claim anyway since the numbers can be changed. In addition to the claim, you need to send estimates, photographs and receipts as well as a list of lost property

What Happens If I Miss This Deadline?

Each case is taken on an individual basis for those who miss the deadline. If that happens to you, it is best to talk to your insurance company. Also, if the state declared a state of emergency for the area, the 180-day period does not begin until the emergency status has ended. Your attorney will be able to provide additional information. 

However, if you were a resident of Terrebonne Parish, you may not have a February 25 deadline. This is due to the fact that this parish was not publicly opened until September 13, 2021, which may push their deadline to March 12, 2022.

Lawsuit Deadline for Hurricane Ida

Filing a lawsuit against your insurer has other deadlines you must be aware of to recover damages. One is the statute of limitations that applies to the lawsuit. This represents the date after which a claim will no longer be heard. 

Under Louisiana law, the time frame in which you can file a lawsuit is two years. This does not mean you have two years to finalize the claim. Instead, you do have 24 months after the date of loss to initiate the lawsuit process. The 24-month deadline holds fast even if an insurance dispute is ongoing.

Filing a Claim

After the claim is filed, an insurer has only 30 days to offer an adjustment. In the event that there is no response from the insurer, you may want to contact an attorney. If all goes well and an acceptable offer is made, then you will be given a time period within which payment is expected. However, many times, the deadline for this comes and goes, and no payment is made. Again, a lawyer’s help is needed at this juncture.

Denying a Claim

Many people are told that their claim will be denied due to an exclusion buried within the language of the policy. A personal injury lawyer can intercede and analyze the policy to check the validity of the denial. 

The Insurance Company Offer

Once you get an offer from the insurance company, they will also provide a waiver you are expected to sign. If you have any doubt that the offer is insufficient to cover the damage, it would serve you well to have an attorney determine if he/she could fight for more. Remember, once you sign the waiver and accept the funds, you cannot ask for more. It is a done deal. 

Olinde Law Firm

Many times, home and commercial property owners are unable to fix the damages a hurricane imposes because their insurer reneged on their obligation. An attorney can examine the policy and determine the extent of your loss. Call the Olinde Law Firm before you are left with a damaged property that is unusable. We can be reached at (800) 587-1889 or online