Steps You Need to Take When Hiring a Defective Product Attorney

Consumers have the right to expect that the products they use are safe. This expectation is even higher when the product is a pharmaceutical drug or a medical device. New drugs and medical devices enter the market each year offering promise for numerous individuals. However, when the pharmaceutical company or medical device manufacturer produces a product that causes injury and death, the injured person or family of a victim who suffered a fatal outcome has the right to file a product liability lawsuit to recover damages.

Choosing the Law Firm That Is Right for You

When you are looking for an experienced law firm to provide the legal assistance you need, it is important to make a choice based on the firm’s ability to provide a successful outcome. This requires a thorough analysis of the law firms you look at, using certain parameters. Let’s delve into the questions you should be asking and how you can choose the law firm that is right for you.

Is the Law Firm Experienced in Defective Product Liability?

It is necessary to choose an attorney whose experience is sufficient to take on a pharmaceutical company or medical device manufacturer. It’s clear that neither one wants to pay for the damages they caused you by producing a defective product. To ensure this, they generally have a large legal department whose attorneys are adept at fighting off the consequences of a successful lawsuit. They use various venues to do this. 

They often offer a much lower settlement than you or your family needs to recover the damages their product caused. The legal department knows that the person and their family are financially pressed due to the faulty product and sometimes are willing to accept a low ball figure. That is where an experienced defective product attorney comes in. They have a clear understanding of what the injured party needs and will negotiate with the company to reach a positive outcome for their client. 

Does the Lawfirm Have the Necessary Resources?

Defective product lawsuits often require investigation into the cause of the injury. That is why it is important to ensure that the law firm is able to provide this service. Since a product liability lawyer is only paid when their client wins their case, it is critical to make sure that the law firm is in the position of investing their own funds. 

Learn How Long the Attorney Has Practiced Product Liability Law

This is a complex area of the law, and it is necessary for the attorney to have accumulated a vast knowledge of liability law and the products involved. Whether it’s Risperdal or Zantac, the lawyer and his or her investigators must have a thorough understanding of how the drug works and its side effects. The same goes for faulty mesh used in a hernia repair. This type of knowledge is the result of time and effort. At the Olinde Law Firm, our lawyers and investigative staff have been actively doing this for many years. We also have handled cases throughout the United States, giving us familiarity with the laws in each state when it comes to product liability.

Learn If the Law Firm Has Handled Cases Similar to Yours

It is important to know if the defective product attorney has handled cases similar to your own. This means that the attorneys have the experience they need to help you obtain the compensation you require. You can also check how the cases concluded and the number and value of settlements and verdicts the law firm has reached.

Who Will Be Handling My Case?

Clients want to have a sense of continuity when they hire a law firm. That means they want to know who will handle their case. In addition, clients want to hear about developments in their case and ask questions as it proceeds. At the Olinde law firm, we provide our clients with a sense of continuity when they retain us, and we are always there for them.

The Olinde Law Firm 

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