Prescription medications have thousands of uses. Some medications relieve pain, while other drugs cure diseases and illnesses. Modern medicine has developed vaccines and medications to treat and prevent measles, smallpox, and malaria. Pharmaceutical companies developed drugs that help treat HIV and cancer. However, some drugs are not helpful. Defective drug lawsuits have revealed the dangerous side effects and injuries caused by defective drugs.

Defective Drug Lawsuits Are Becoming More Common

Pharmaceutical companies can make billions of dollars from a new medication. Unfortunately, the urge to earn money can result in drugs being rushed to market without adequate testing. The drugs can cause a variety of injuries and disabilities for patients. In some cases, the drugs may result in a wrongful death.

When a drug company pushes a medication to market without sufficient testing or while ignoring side effects, the company can be liable if the drug causes harm or damages.

If the drug company fails to provide adequate warnings about the drug’s side effects, it can be liable if the drug injures someone. Patients have the right to make an informed decision whether to use a drug after receiving all information about the drug.

Determining What Caused Your Drug Injury

Some of the common ways that a drug injury occurs include:

  • The drug is defective in its design (the drug’s potential risks greatly outweigh any potential benefit)
  • The manufacturer failed to test the drug to determine any potential adverse effects
  • There is a lack of warning labels or documentation explaining the potential risks of taking the medication
  • The manufacturer conceals information about the drug’s interactions with other medications
  • There was a mistake or error during the manufacturing process that contaminated the drug or caused the drug to be defective

Identifying the cause of the defect is essential for filing defective drug lawsuits. There are several causes of action that could apply in a drug injury lawsuit. The pharmaceutical company might be strictly liable if the drug was inherently defective.

The drug manufacturer may also be guilty of negligence if it breached the duty of care to produce a safe product for sale. They are also guilty if they provide adequate warnings.

Defective drug lawsuits are incredibly complicated injury cases. They require intensive investigations into how the drug was created, tested, and manufactured. Many experts work to identify how the drug is defective and how the defect caused an injury. Without this evidence, your chance of recovering compensation is low.

For that reason, you want to work with an experienced defective drug attorney. An attorney can help you fight for compensation for your physical pain, medical bills, emotional suffering, loss of income, permanent impairments, and other damages. If a defective drug caused your family member’s death, we fight to hold the negligent parties liable for your loved one’s death.

Contact a Defective Drug Lawsuits Attorney

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