Healthcare professionals rely on medical devices to help their patients. Consumers rely on medical devices to provide life-saving treatments. The equipment used to treat various conditions and illnesses is intended to help patients heal or have a better quality of life. Some medical devices are dangerous, a defective medical device can cause serious harm or injury to the patient. Some injuries caused by medical equipment may occur because of unforeseen circumstances or known potential risks. However, some medical device injuries are caused because the device is defective or inherently dangerous.

Knowing the difference between a known risk and a defective medical device can be difficult. Doctors and healthcare providers explain the known risks and potential side effects before treatment. Patients have the right to know the potential risks to make an informed decision.  What happens when risks are not disclosed? Who is responsible if a medical device defect was concealed from the public and healthcare providers? A New Orleans defective medical device attorney can help answer those questions?

Who is Responsible?

In most cases, the manufacturer or designer of the medical device is responsible for damages and harm caused by defective medical equipment. If the manufacturer knew or should have known that the device could cause harm and failed to disclose that risk, the manufacturer could be held liable for damages. The same applies to the device’s designer, distributor, and other parties who may have concealed the potential risk.

However, proving that a manufacturer knew or should have known about a defect or danger and failed to disclose it can be challenging. That is why you need a defective medical device attorney to investigate your claim.

A defective medical device attorney has extensive experience handling cases involving medical equipment. Law firms who handle defective medical device claims have the expertise, resources, skills, and access to industry experts that allow them to investigate claims, gather evidence, and build strong product liability and negligence cases against the parties responsible for the defective product.

If a medical device has injured you, your first step is to take care of your health. See a medical provider immediately so the doctor can diagnose the harm and prescribe a treatment plan to help you heal. Your next step is to contact a law firm that handles product defect claims, specifically a law firm that handles defective medical equipment claims.

The Olinde Firm handles a variety of defective medical device claims. The claims we are currently litigating for clients include:

Contact our office to discuss your case if you have suffered injury or harm after using any of the above medical devices. The consultation is confidential and you are under no obligation to hire our law firm after speaking with an attorney.

Contact a New Orleans Lawyer for Help

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