If you are involved in a truck accident, car crash, or motorcycle accident in New Orleans, there are some important things that you need to understand about filing injury claims in Louisiana. Anyone who is injured in an accident caused by another party must act quickly and take certain steps to protect their right to recover full compensation for their losses, injuries, and damages.

Below are three common myths about compensation for traffic accidents in New Orleans that our personal injury attorneys would like everyone to know.  It is our goal to help you get the most money possible for your accident claim.

  1. The police determine fault in a traffic accident claim.

While the police determine fault at the accident scene and might charge one or both drivers with a traffic offense, this procedure is different from determining fault for a civil claim. To recover compensation for an accident that was not your fault, you must prove to the court that the other driver is responsible for the cause of the accident.

A court might consider the information on a police report; however, the information is not proof of fault because the officer is basing his findings on what he was told (unless he witnessed the crash) and a quick review of the accident scene. In some cases, the police officer’s findings might not be accurate. It is best to consult with an experienced attorney to learn about your legal options.

  1. You have plenty of time to file a claim.

Under Louisiana’s statute of limitations, most accident victims have up to two years from the date of the crash to file a personal injury lawsuit if the claim is not settled. While this might sound like a long time, if you are not healed and released from a doctor for over a year, you cannot even begin to try to settle your claim until then. Therefore, meet with an attorney now to see what steps you need to take to begin working on an injury claim.

  1. Hiring an attorney reduces the amount of money you receive for your claim.

The insurance adjuster may tell you that hiring an attorney is a waste of money because you can handle the claim yourself. In some cases, this could be true; however, the insurance adjuster is not looking out for you. The adjuster is protecting the insurance company and will try to pay as little as possible for your claim. It is always best to consult a personal injury attorney before signing any forms or providing any statements to the insurance company. An attorney can usually help you get more money than you might receive on your own.

Call a New Orleans Traffic Accident Attorney for Help

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