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Fred is a trial lawyer with 25 years of experience. He is the owner of the Olinde Firm located in New Orleans but handling cases nationwide in conjunction with local counsel and/or in cases which call for Multi District Litigation. The Olinde Firm practices in mass tort pharmaceutical litigation, medical device litigation, products liability claims and insurance claims for personal injury and property, all litigation and trial advocacy on behalf of patients and public consumers. The focus of the practice is mass torts.

Fred is a member of the Products Liability Section of the American Association of Justice (“AAJ”), as well as the AAJ Transvaginal Mesh Litigation Group and the Xarelto Litigation Group. AAJ is the leading national organization for Trial Lawyers in America.

Fred regularly attends continuing legal education on mass torts to keep abreast of the latest developments. He currently is handling or involved as co-counsel in hundreds of pharmaceutical and medical implant litigation cases across the United States, mostly including injuries resulting from use of prescription drugs: Onglya, Kombiglyze XR, Risperdal, Invega, Zofran, Xarelto, Androgel, as well as defective medical device cases, involving forced air warming blankets, neuro-stimulators, metal on metal hips, transvaginal mesh and other product liability cases.

The Olinde Firm has just started a campaign against 3M for its manufacture of the Bair Hugger Forced Air Warming Blanket. This device and some others like it, are used to warm the incision site after orthopedic surgery, such as hip and knee replacement surgeries. Unfortunately, there is evidence from studies that these devices may be responsible for a sizable increase in the risk of deep joint infections which may lead to revisionary surgery, and in extreme cases, amputation.

The Olinde Firm is accumulating cases for victims of heart failure arising from the use of Onglyza or Kombiglyze XR. Despite the results of its own SAVOR trial, the manufacturer still has not warned consumers and physicians of the significant link between ingestion of the drug and heart failure.

Fred is involved in the Risperdol and Invega litigation where these drugs were prescribed for “off label” use. Risperdal use has been associated with breast growth in adolescent boys, also known as “gynecomastia.”  Despite this condition, the company still aggressively promoted the use of their drug with children.

In addition to the previous new campaigns, Fred is currently accepting and has prosecuted the following mass tort products liability cases:

Fred is co-counsel with 2 other national firms, representing over 600 victims who were injured or perished after using the drug Xarelto. Xarelto was touted by Bayer and other joint venture pharmaceutical companies as an easy- to- use and effective anti-coagulant. Remarkably, it is no more effective at preventing strokes than warfarin which has been around for years. However, like Pradaxa, it can cause uncontrollable bleeding, resulting in serious injury or death. This litigation has been consolidated in the Eastern District of Louisiana directly across the street from the Olinde Firm.

Androgel was manufactured as testosterone therapy for hypogonadism. Unfortunately, many allege that its manufacturer has engaged in over promotion of off label use. There is evidence that this drug carries a significant risk of heart attack and stroke. Fred is co-counsel in about 50 cases of victims who have suffered heart attack or stroke after using testosterone therapy.

Fred has just completed the following 2 campaigns that were successfully resolved with the victims being justly compensated.

Neurostimulators are used for symptomatic relief of chronic spinal pain. Unfortunately some devices are defective and cause severe burning, electrical shock and nerve damage if improperly manufactured. Fred was co-counsel on about 60 cases against a manufacturer wherein victims suffered from the use of defective neurostimulator implants.

Pradaxa is a blood thinner. Fred was co-counsel in combined more than a dozen injury and wrongful death cases, resulting from the use and uncontrollable bleeding caused by Pradaxa. The Pradaxa litigation is ongoing despite a previous 650 million dollar settlement by the manufacturer because the drug is still being prescribed and harming many consumers.

In addition to the mass torts cases listed above, Fred has been successful in trying and settling stand-alone products liability cases involving serious injury. He successfully prosecuted through appeal a products liability case in Kentucky where a gas range exploded, causing severe burn injuries to the victim.

He also successfully achieved two very large settlements in auto products cases involving paralyzed victims resulting from a defective seat back and a “roll over case”.

In addition to Products liability cases, Fred has also handled numerous wrongful death cases, resulting from motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents and other torts. He has successfully handled over 500 car wreck and automobile accident cases, including many successful judge and jury trials. He has handled dozens of 18-wheeler cases and has an unblemished jury trial record against 18-wheeler companies and their insurers.

Fred has also had substantial success litigating catastrophic personal injury cases, including a Six Million Dollar ($6,000,000.00) recovery for a client who suffered a moderate brain injury after being struck by a city bus in a motor vehicle collision.

Fred also has extensive experience and a proven track record for Hurricane Litigation and Commercial Property Claims. Following Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav and the tornados associated with these storms, he successfully handled many breach of contract cases against insurance companies that failed to pay their policy holders fairly for wind damages. Many of these cases included insurance bad-faith claims. His clients included individuals and commercial entities.

Fred handled 20 wind cases for public consumers after hurricane Gustav. Cases include:

  • A grocery store where the insurance company told the adjuster to re-write the claim for a low amount.   After suit and discovery, the grocery store received $600,000.00 of additional payment for wind damages and business interruption.
  • A church where the insurance company claimed that the damages were lower than the policy deductible resulting in zero payment. After suit and discovery, the insurance company paid $200,000.00.
  • The owner of a 4-plex who was paid an additional $160,000.00 after being “low-balled”.
  • Numerous other homeowners who received compensation for damages far in excess of what the insurance carrier was willing to pay before being sued.

Fred handled more than 15 cases for individuals and businesses after hurricane Katrina and is one of the few attorneys to have jury tried a Katrina case. Cases include:

  • An Apartment complex owned by a Baptist Church to house the elderly that received a 1.2 million dollar settlement after suit was filed when the insurance carrier failed to consider covered damages and acted in bad-faith.
  • A law firm that was paid approximately 1.1 million dollars for business interruption associated with wind damages.
  • An elderly widow who had to sue to force the insurance carrier to replace her roof where the insurance company wanted to simply put a few shingles back. Fred tried this case twice to a jury and ultimately the insurance carrier was penalized for bad faith far in excess of the roof damages.

Fred graduated from Tulane Law School and trained to be a trial lawyer working as a felony prosecutor in New Orleans.   As a felony prosecutor, he tried over 100 jury cases to verdict, which he believes puts him in the top 1% of all trial lawyers in jury trial experience. In March 1993, Fred was awarded the honor of best felony prosecutor by the New Orleans District Attorney’s Office.

He has also been cited in a United States Supreme Court opinion for a capital murder case he jury tried as a younger lawyer.

Fred’s support staff is very experienced and polite. Clients constantly are complimentary of how friendly and dedicated the staff is to clients’ needs and inquiries.   Fred’s associate, Wesley Barr is a bright, skilled and experienced trial lawyer.

Fred has dedicated his practice to helping public consumers achieve justice against pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, corporations, manufacturers of defective products and insurance companies. In 25 years of practice, he has never represented an insurance company against a public consumer, or a pharmaceutical company. He is the right choice for any victim who wants competent, experienced, loyal and aggressive representation.


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