A motor vehicle accident can be a very stressful, overwhelming, and chaotic event. The trauma of the accident can often make it difficult to remember key details of the accident. Taking photographs of the accident scene, if it is possible and safe to do so, can help your attorney prepare a compelling case for full compensation of your accident claim. Below are tips for taking photographs of an accident scene.

Essential Elements to Document After a Traffic Accident:

  • Property damage to the vehicles. Do not forget to take pictures of the other vehicles involved in the accident. It can be very important to reconstruct how a collision occurred to capture damage to each vehicle.
  • Take pictures of the skid marks, debris, buildings, signs, traffic signals, crosswalks, landscape, and other objects.
  • You also need to take pictures of the people surrounding the accident scene, including those involved in the accident, witnesses, and bystanders.
  • Make sure you take pictures of the surrounding trees, shrubs, signs, and other objects that could have blocked or decreased visibility.
  • Take pictures of your injuries as soon as possible and continue to document your recovery with photographs.
  • Do not rush when taking pictures of the accident scene. Even though you may just want to go home and forget everything that just happened, it is important to thoroughly document the accident scene exactly how it appeared at the time of the crash.
  • It is better to take more pictures than necessary than to leave something out. Your attorney will review the photographs to determine which ones are relevant and can be used to help your injury claim.
  • Because cell phones can be damaged in an accident or the battery may be dead, it is a good idea to place a couple of disposable cameras in your vehicle in case you need them after an accident.

Remember, never place yourself in danger or at risk for additional injury just to take pictures of an accident scene. Your safety and health are your highest priorities.

Filing an Accident Claim After a New Orleans Traffic Accident

You might be entitled to recover compensation from the driver who caused the accident; however, you need to file an injury claim. The insurance adjuster for the other driver may try to settle your claim quickly to avoid paying more money once you realize the true extent of your injuries. It is not in your best interest to accept any settlement offer, sign any releases (including a medical release), or provide written or recorded statements before consulting an attorney.

If you have been injured, do not leave the fate of your injury claim in the hands of an insurance adjuster who works for the company that will be paying for your damages. Call an experienced New Orleans traffic accident attorney for a free case evaluation.

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