Did your children do really well on Halloween? Do you have more candy than you want in your home now because your neighbors were extremely generous for trick-or-treating this year? If you have a ton of Halloween candy that you don’t know what to do with at home, our New Orleans personal injury lawyers offer a few suggestions about how you can get rid of candy without throwing it out with the garbage.

Suggestions for Getting Rid of Halloween Candy

If you want to put your candy to good use, try one of these ideas:

  • Birthday Parties — If you have any birthday parties coming up soon, use the candy to fill goodie bags or a piñata. Kids don’t care if candy falling from a piñata looks like Halloween candy as long as the candy is raining down.
  • Christmas — Christmas gives you several ways to use the candy you want to get rid of from Halloween. You can use candy to fill stockings, decorate cookies, fill gift bags/jars, decorate gingerbread houses, or make other homemade goodies.
  • The Sugar Goblins — The Sugar Goblins are a great idea for “trading in” candy for other treats. Look online for suggestions how to use this inventive idea for getting rid of extra candy.
  • The Switch Witch — The Switch Witch is a twist on the tooth fairy. The Switch Witch takes away the candy and leaves other treats in for the child such as money, small toys, or books.
  • Take It to Work — Take your extra candy to work for co-workers and customers to enjoy.
  • Candy Experiments — Candy Experiments gives you ideas for using candy in interesting science experiments that entertain and teach.
  • Support the Troops — Use your candy in care boxes that go to our troops. Our troops appreciate care boxes from home, so put the candy to good use by supporting our troops to let them know how much we appreciate their service.
  • Candy Buybacks — Some dentists’ offices participate in a buyback program for Halloween candy. You “sell” your candy to the office in exchange for money or other non-sweet treats.

Your children may not appreciate the healthy choices you make for them, but you can make getting rid of extra candy a bit more fun for them with a little work.

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