Are you spending Labor Day Weekend in New Orleans? Many people visit our city on long holiday weekends. Labor Day Weekend is the unofficial end of summer; therefore, many people take the opportunity to have one last trip before summer ends.

If you are visiting our city or if you are traveling this Labor Day Weekend, we want you to be safe on the road. Below are four tips from our New Orleans car accident attorneys that can help you avoid a car accident this holiday weekend.

Driving Tips for Labor Day Weekend

  • If you drink, don’t drive!

We cannot stress enough that if you are enjoying your favorite alcoholic beverages this weekend, you should not get behind the wheel of a vehicle.  New Orleans has fantastic public transportation. If you are drinking, take a cab or a bus.

If you are on the road, be on the lookout for drunk drivers. If you encounter a suspected drunk driver, you should put as much room between you and the other vehicle. Do not try to stop a suspected drunk driver.  Have someone in the vehicle call law enforcement officials to report the tag number and location. Signs that a driver may be intoxicated include weaving, drifting into another lane, going too slow for conditions, using turn signals inappropriately, and erratic stops and starts.

  • Always buckle up!

Studies show that wearing seat belts save lives and reduce the risk of severe injuries in traffic accidents. Each time you get into the car, buckle up. Make sure children are restrained in child safety seats that are suitable for the child’s height, age, and weight.

  • Slow Down!

There will be a lot more traffic on the roads over Labor Day Weekend.  Slow down and put additional room between you and the vehicle in front of you. You may need the additional few seconds to avoid a collision if the vehicle in front of you slams on brakes without warning.

  • Watch out for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Because of the holiday weekend, there is a high chance that the city will have more tourists. As you are driving throughout New Orleans, be aware of pedestrians and bicyclists. As a driver, you have a duty to try to avoid an accident with a bicyclist or pedestrian. Be aware that some of these individuals may be new to the city and may be confused about where they are going. This distraction can cause them to forget to look before crossing streets.

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