My Car Accident Gave Me Anxiety: Can I Recover Compensation?

Physical trauma isn’t always the only result of being involved in a car accident. Emotional and psychological distress can sideline a motor vehicle accident victim or someone who suffered a dog attack or other traumatic experience just as well as injuries can. It is very common for people to experience emotional distress after an accident. Daily activities and routines of the victim can be adversely affected and make it difficult for them to cope even in their own home. It may be necessary to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist if the trauma is severe enough that the accident victim’s anxiety becomes too much to cope with.

Anxiety Disorders Caused by a Traffic or Other Accidents

Car accidents sometimes trigger symptoms of anxiety disorder, which some people don’t immediately realize. A motor vehicle accident might seem unrelated to anxiety. Your anxiety may increase when you think about things that do not relate to driving or when you think about life in general. In anxiety disorder, patients are concerned about anything and everything, have difficulty sleeping, may be depressed and over-think even relatively minor plans and events. 

Psychological Disorders Associated with Traumatic Experiences

Many victims of terrifying and traumatic events suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Furthermore, PTSD can make the victim dwell on the event in addition to increasing general anxiety. Nightmares, flashbacks and intense anxiety caused by PTSD make it difficult for the victim to carry out daily activities.

Driving or going near certain areas, for example, might increase symptoms of PTSD caused by a car accident. Flashbacks to the accident can occur also.

Making a Claim for Emotional and Psychological Distress

You may be entitled to compensation if you suffer great anxiety following a car accident. There are many challenges you would face following a physical accident when you are experiencing emotional distress. In addition to physically injuring you, psychological distress may also have a significant financial impact.

Psychological trauma, however, is much harder to diagnose than physical injury. Anxiety or PTSD symptoms may not be apparent right after a car accident. Aside from having other things to worry about, if you fail to address symptoms immediately, they may increase over time. If you received professional treatment for your anxiety and other symptoms, your lawyer might be able to help you recover compensation.

Records Are Necessary to Prove Emotional Trauma

If you want to prove that your accident caused emotional trauma, you will need medical records that show you have seen doctors for treatment, especially a psychologist or psychiatrist. In addition, you need to show that if you were previously diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, your treatment helped you deal with it. This is especially important if the trauma from your accident caused an increase in your symptoms.

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