How to Protect Your Claim if a Defective Product Injured You

You trust a product to perform the function for which it is advertised when you buy it. You should never expect that a defective product will cause you harm. It is unfortunate that many of the products you buy can be harmful to you. In some instances, dangerous products are released into the market because they have design defects, faulty manufacturing issues or the instructions and possible side effects are unclear or miss important details.

Louisiana Law Protects Those Injured by Products

Laws have been enacted to protect Louisiana consumers from products that are dangerous or defective that can harm them. Design, manufacturing and distribution companies responsible for allowing defective items on the market can be held liable for injuries and fatalities by compensating consumers under state product liability laws.

Injuries are proved by the consumer, however, which can be challenging and require the help of a lawyer who handles product liability claims. The following actions could increase your chances of winning a product liability lawsuit if you suffer an injury caused by a defect in something you purchased:

Do Not Continue to Use the Product

Stop using a defective product as soon as you realize it has injured you. It is less likely that you will continue to harm or injure yourself if you cease using it as soon as possible. Many parties may be responsible for your injury, including parent companies, design engineers, drug manufacturers, medical device makers, wholesalers, retailers and pharmacies. New Orleans consumer rights lawyers such as the Olinde Law Firm at (800) 587-1889 can help you determine who may be liable and handle negotiations for you so that you can obtain the best resolution for your claim.

Obtain Medical Care Right Away After Your Injury

It is important to seek medical attention as soon as you get injured. Going to the emergency room or to see your family physician not only lets you obtain treatment for your injury but also provides documentation to support your claim for compensation. In your product liability case, these medical records will be crucial. Your doctor will provide you with a treatment plan. Please follow it to the letter.  You could lose your product injury claim if you fail to follow through with treatment.

Make Sure the Product Is Preserved

Don’t throw away the defective product. You need to retain it and store it to provide proof of your injury, including the packaging and instructions. If you have to ship back the product after you report it, then protect your claim by taking videos or photos from all angles. Include all sides of the box with a close up of usage directions and warnings and the manufacturing code. Keep your purchase receipt also. This evidence simplifies the process of determining whether a product is liable for its failure.

Document How Your Accident Injury Happened

In order to prove liability, you must provide information about how your accident happened and what caused your injury. The full story of your injury can be told with documentation such as photos, notes, witness statements and medical records.

Olinde Law Firm – Product Liability Attorneys

The Olinde Firm in New Orleans can help protect your rights and fight for your interests if you need a product liability lawyer. Defective product injuries can be investigated and proven with the help of a product liability lawyer. It is also important to hire someone who knows how to get you the full compensation you are entitled to. Call us at (800) 587-1889 for a free review of your case and to find out how we can help you. We can also be contacted online.