How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Lawyer for You

You know when you need legal help. Either you’ve been in an accident, have been injured by a shoddy medical device, or lost a loved one due to a negligent driver. Let’s face it. People don’t always trust their lawyer, and with so many of them out there to choose from, it can be hard to know whether you are picking the right attorney to represent your case. Following are some of the common complaints about lawyers. If you have a complaint, you can report it in Louisiana to the Attorney Disciplinary Counsel.

The Noncommunicative Attorney

“I hired a lawyer and never heard from him, so I don’t know what’s going on with my case.” Personal injury lawyers offer a free case review, which is a good time to find out whether you get along, you like the way they present themselves and you feel they will keep you in the loop on how your case is progressing. 

Money Worries About What the Lawyer Charges

“I’m unclear on how much it will cost me to hire a lawyer.” Personal injury lawyers charge a set percentage of what your case brings in and work on a contingency fee. The lawyer should tell you upfront what that percentage is and whether extra fees are charged. Remember that the lawyer does not get paid unless he wins your case.

Wondering if the Settlement Will Cover All the Expenses

“I don’t know how much I will be awarded in my case and wonder if it will be enough to cover my medical and other expenses.” This is a common concern of injured clients. However, using a personal injury lawyer to handle your case usually ends up getting the client from two to three times the amount they would have recovered on their own.

My Lawyer Seems Disinterested

“My lawyer seems more interested in himself than in me.” This shows the importance of that first free consultation. A lawyer who is self-engrossed may not be the best choice to handle your case. Look at reviews on lawyers from your area and see what people have to say about them before committing yourself.

Communications Problems

“I have a problem understanding what my lawyer is saying. He uses big words I’m unfamiliar with, which just leaves me confused.” Personal injury lawyers should never assume their potential clients are familiar with legal jargon and how the process to recover compensation works. Find a lawyer who speaks to you in plain language and explains what you need to know before signing on for them to represent you.

Olinde Law Firm – Here When You Need Us

We at the Olinde Law Firm work hard for our clients to give them good representation and get them the compensation they deserve. Keeping our clients informed of the progress of their case is an important part of our job.  You can schedule a free case review by calling the Olinde Firm at (800) 587-1889 or contacting us online. Let us take the financial burden caused by your accident on our shoulders while you concentrate on healing from your injuries.