The Worst Mistakes Made After a Car Accident

In the heat of the moment after an auto accident, unnerved drivers can make any number of mistakes. They are not even always done intentionally but rather made because of fatigue, fear and a lapse in thinking. Sometimes, drivers merely want the experience to be over. However, the mistakes can have lasting effects that may wreak havoc as time goes by. Let’s examine three mistakes you don’t want to make after a car accident.

Not Calling the Police

You’ve been involved in a minor auto accident caused by tailgating. You walk around your vehicle to inspect it for damages and find a broken tail light. The person who hit you is apologetic and offers to pay for the tail light replacement. On top of this, your schedule is heavy for the next two weeks, and you can’t afford to take the time to file a police report. Basically, you just want the whole thing to go away. You get the other person’s phone number and shake hands. 

This is probably one of the worst mistakes you can make. Because the accident was never reported and you did not get the person’s contact information, you are setting yourself up for major problems. Basically, a driver is obligated to report the accident within 10 days to the DMV if the vehicle is damaged or someone is hurt. 

Hidden Injuries

Even a minor auto accident can result in injuries. Whiplash, a common mistake associated with a rear-end collision, often does not cause symptoms for 72 hours after the collision.  Because you did not make a police report saying the other driver hit you, you will not be able to prove what happened. If you can’t prove it, even if you need treatment, you cannot file a claim. 

Your New Orleans car accident lawyer will ask that you see a medical professional even if you don’t feel like you are hurt. This is done for two reasons. One, your natural release of adrenaline is high after a traumatic car accident, and it can mask many symptoms you would ordinarily feel. Second, your doctor will be able to tell you what you should do and what you should look for in the next several days. 

Another Driver Files an Auto Accident Claim

Assuming that everything goes well on your end, you are still not in the clear. The other driver may have developed symptoms since the crash and filed a car accident injury claim naming you. You might try to argue this by saying he hit you. However, some rear-end accidents or any other type of accident can be caused for multiple reasons. In a rear-end crash, your brake lights might not have been working, and he can say he thought your car was moving. 

While this lawsuit might not make it into court, your insurance premium may increase. In addition, you will need to take time off work to deal with it or hire an attorney to protect you from a huge lawsuit.

How an Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you are in a minor accident or a fender bender, you need to treat it seriously. Call the insurance company and the police. Obtain a police report and see your doctor, with or without symptoms. Call your attorney and set up a free case review to obtain their opinion and go from there. 

Olinde Auto Accident Lawyer

If you are injured in an auto accident, call the Olinde car accident law firm to schedule a free case review at (800) 587-1889 or use our convenient online form. We will give you the insight only an experienced attorney can. Shrugging off even a minor crash can lead to serious consequences.