How to Determine If an Auto Defect Caused Your Accident

Defective roads and auto defects play a part in motor vehicle accidents. Although the vast majority of traffic crashes are due to driver error, defective vehicles and roads are a common reason accidents happen. Let’s look at the types of defects that are involved and what can be done to ensure that an injured person obtains the damages they deserve.

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When a road or a vehicle is defective and the cause of a traffic accident, the civil authority in charge of construction and maintenance or the auto manufacturer who built the vehicle is held responsible. Of course, the manufacturer or government agency will not automatically step forward and accept responsibility. This is where Olinde Law can step in. Just as with drug and device product liability, car manufacturers and government agencies can be held responsible. 

Our firm’s legal and investigative teams examine the accident and use their experience and expertise to determine the type of defect involved in the crash. That is why it is good to retain and preserve your vehicle after an accident since, as the road is cleared, evidence might be lost. Likewise, pictures of the road should focus on problems with road maintenance or upkeep at the time of the crash.

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Indication That an Auto Defect Caused Your Accident

There are factors that indicate that your accident was caused by an auto defect. Our investigators look for the following signs an auto defect was involved:

  • A seat belt was used by the accident victim but was not found to be in place after the crash occurred.
  • The airbags did not deploy.
  • A detached seat belt is found at the accident scene.
  • Tires blow even though the tread is good.
  • The roof is crushed inward despite government rules that say it should support three and a half times the weight of the vehicle.
  • A rollover that should not have happened. 
  • The roof shifting to the side after a T-bone accident is another indication of an auto defect.

Road Defects

Potholes, absent lane markings, signage hidden from view, street lights that do not work or non-functional traffic lights are all reasons for a traffic accident. Our investigators not only examine the scene but they ask people living in the area how long the defect existed before the accident. All of this can be used to establish a road defect and negligence by a governmental authority. 

In New Orleans, a claim can be filed against the city for damages. It is important to file the claim before the statute of limitation passes. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to file all documents in a timely manner. 

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