T-Bone Truck Accidents in New Orleans

When passenger vehicles are involved in broadside accidents with big rigs, the result is commonly a serious injury or a fatal one. This is due to the disparity between the truck’s weight and that of the passenger vehicle. Having an experienced lawyer at your side can help you reclaim the financial damage caused by the crash. Let’s take a look at truck-related broadside accidents, common expenses and how an attorney can help.

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Impact of Broadside Accidents

The impact in a T-bone accident correlates with the severity of injuries. For instance, when a truck hits the side of a passenger vehicle in a zone with reduced speeds, the force will not be as great as it would be at a higher speed. 

However, when this occurs at highway speeds, the effects are often devastating. The sides of a passenger vehicle are not structured as strongly as the front and rear of the vehicle and often cave quickly. Side airbags are installed in newer vehicles, but they are not able to make up for the weakness when a truck is involved. 

Trucks Often Lack Side Underride Guards

While rear underride guars are becoming more common on big rigs, sidebars are not. They are designed to prevent a vehicle from slipping under the big rig. If a vehicle hits the side of a large truck, chances are they will slide underneath, shearing the top of the smaller vehicle. This often results in a fatal accident. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), passenger vehicles that go under a big rig in broadside accidents result in a greater loss of life. 

Broadside Accidents in intersections

The vast majority of broadside accidents with a passenger vehicle happen in an intersection. This commonly occurs when the big rig is trying to turn left and hits a passenger vehicle passing through the intersection. However, this type of accident also occurs on exit and entrance ramps or when pulling out of a lot. 

Compensation in Truck Broadside Accidents

The compensation you can recover in big rig broadside accidents is often extensive. Because of this, it is important to have the insight of a personal injury lawyer. The most common costs that are recovered are:

  • Medical expenses both now and in the future
  • Home healthcare
  • Lost wages, including future losses, bonuses and other perks
  • Pain and suffering

How an Attorney Can Help

Your truck accident lawyer can help by investigating the accident scene, interviewing witnesses and obtaining surveillance camera footage of the accident. The lawyer will also review the trucker’s logs to ensure that truck maintenance was done, and the driver has the necessary credentials to drive a large truck. 

We also check to see if drivers had similar accidents in the past, and we perform accident reconstruction. Once evidence of liability is gathered, your attorney will structure a strong claim against the truck driver and his/her employer. 

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