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Work trucks are common in the United States and used in many different types of jobs from one-off haulers to delivery trucks. Every day, work trucks are visible on the highways and urban roads in New Orleans. While easier to rent and drive than semis, they are involved in numerous accidents. Let’s explore the nature of the accidents and the liability the driver or company has. 

Uses for a Work Truck

Normally, a box or work truck hauls loads that are too small for a big rig. The total weight of a box truck plus cargo ranges from 12,500 to 33,000 pounds. These work trucks are commonly used to haul furniture, appliances and different commercial products. Typically, rental agencies such as Ryder supply them to the public. It is unnecessary to have a CDL license, making it possible for inexperienced drivers to operate a box truck.

Cargo in a Work Truck

Loading cargo in a work truck should be done in the following way:

  • The cargo should be secured carefully. This prevents it from moving about when the truck slows down or stops.
  • Heavy objects should be placed in the back of the truck.
  • The cargo should be placed in rows.
  • The weight of the cargo should not exceed the payload. It is dangerous and illegal to overload a box truck.

How to Secure the Cargo in a Work Truck

Work truck drivers should check their cargo before leaving. The ties should be checked for wear. All cargo should be evaluated to assure that it is not unstable. If an accident happens because of unstable cargo, the driver may be considered liable for the accident. Additionally, if the work truck is used for commercial reasons, the company and the party who loaded the truck may be considered at fault along with the driver. 

Reasons Why Work Truck Accidents Happen

Work truck accidents happen for many reasons. Some of the most common are:

  • Inexperience: This is the main reason for a work truck accident. For instance, improperly loading a box truck or speeding can lead to a crash. Taking a sharp turn with a poorly loaded truck can lead to a rollover.
  • Blind spots: This is a common problem with all types of trucks. There are areas to the sides and rear of the vehicle that the driver cannot see. They are referred to as blind spots. When a passenger vehicle is attempting to change lanes, it will be invisible to the trucker. 
  • Fatigued driving: Operating a vehicle while overtired is a problem on the road today. Commercial drivers are often pressed into driving excessive hours without rest. Whether moving furniture to a new home or driving a delivery truck, many work truck drivers are too tired to be behind the wheel.
  • Distracted driving: Delivery drivers often check their GPS to arrive at their next destination rather than focus on the road. This is a frequent reason for accidents involving work trucks.
  • Poor scheduling: Delivery drivers are often pressured into making as many deliveries as they can in the shortest amount of time. This leads to many accidents and places liability on the company. For example, the number of Amazon and FedEx driver accidents escalates yearly.

How Compensation Is Calculated

When an injured party places a claim against a motorist driving a rented box truck or a trucker delivering products, the damages are carefully calculated. The injured party has the right to be compensated for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. No one should be responsible for the financial loss caused by a negligent driver. 

How the Olinde Law Firm Can Help

Our firm stands behind those injured by work trucks. We are experienced in investigating crashes and determining liability. We search the crash site and perform accident reconstruction to determine liability. Our investigators also interview witnesses, obtain surveillance videos of the crash and review police reports for accuracy. Once the investigation is completed, our lawyers use the information to build a strong case.

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