Louisiana Sees Uptick in Fatal Auto Accidents

Although the number of car crashes and deaths fell slightly in recent years, Louisiana saw an uptick in auto accident traffic fatalities in 2020. Losing a life or being in an accident due to someone else’s negligence is unnecessary and terrifying. The National Safety Council released a report for 2019 that said 38,000 people lost their lives on the nation’s roads. In addition to this, roughly 4.4 million people suffered serious injuries and required medical attention. Let’s look at the reasons behind this trend and what can be done to halt it. 

Louisiana Auto Accident Statistics

According to LSU, the following Louisiana car accident statistics are available:

  • In 2019, there were 727 deaths due to car accidents in Louisiana.
  • There were 160 crashes in 2019 with 434 occupants involved and 307 vehicles.
  • These numbers represent a slight decrease from previous years with 35.9 percent fewer deaths. 
  • There were 26.4 percent fewer serious injuries in an auto accident during that same period.

Why Did the Number of Injuries and Deaths Drop Prior to 2020?

The reasons for a decrease in deaths and auto accident injuries between 2005 and 2019, despite an equivalent number of crashes, occupants and vehicles are:

  • The number of cars using safety restraints increased slowly between 1984 (when restraints became mandatory) and subsequent years. As more cars on the road included this safety feature, fewer deaths occurred. 
  • Front airbags on both the driver and passenger sides became law in 1998. This helped decrease the number of fatalities and serious injuries. 
  • In 2009, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration added side airbags to the list of mandatory items a manufacturer needed to install over time. This made a huge dent in the number of deaths and injuries. 

Why Does Louisiana Have More Deaths and Serious Injuries Today

The four top reasons for the number of deaths and serious injuries in Louisiana from car accidents in 2020 are:

  • Lack of seatbelt usage: Many Louisiana residents fail to use a seatbelt when driving. Since seatbelts prevent a driver or passenger from being ejected from a vehicle or thrown about, not using one places these individuals in harm’s way. 
  • Drunk driving: The use of alcoholic beverages prior to or while driving causes many serious injuries and deaths. An inebriated driver cannot control their vehicle or make proper judgments while driving. 
  • Distracted driving: Distraction while driving includes taking one’s focus off the road to engage in other activities. These include playing with the radio, adjusting climate control or mirrors, using the GPS or talking/texting on a cell phone. Taking one’s eyes off the road for even five seconds, which is the average time it takes to write a text, enables the vehicle to travel the distance of one football field without direction. Many drivers who are in an accident due to distracted driving say they plan on using a cell phone again while driving.

Intersection Auto Accident Statistics

An intersection is the most common place for serious and fatal car accidents. This is due to their complexity with motor vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists entering from different directions. Of the 2.5 million intersection crashes that occur yearly, the vast majority involve turning left. About 40 percent of auto crashes are located in an intersection, with 20 percent of this number resulting in a fatality and 50 percent in serious injuries. 

How Can an Auto Accident Be Prevented?

Since driver error is responsible for most accidents, good driving habits are the number one way of preventing car crashes. This includes paying attention to the road, driving sober and not speeding. In addition, drivers need to look for and obey signage that controls traffic flow. 

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