Personal injuries in New Orleans from car accidents occur each day. Some car crashes result in minor injuries, while other accidents result in fatalities or permanent disabilities. For the individuals and families who sustain personal injuries in New Orleans car crashes, there is no minor car crash. Any injury can disrupt your life and cause pain and financial losses.

Recovering compensation for your injuries may not be as easy as you assume. The other driver may claim that you caused the car crash. He may say that your actions contributed to the crash. The insurance company may fight the claim or refuse to negotiate a fair settlement.

Therefore, you must take steps to protect your legal rights after personal injuries in New Orleans.

Five things you need to know about personal injuries in New Orleans after a car accident:

1.  Report All Accidents Regardless of the Severity of the Crash

If your vehicle sustained damage, call the police. Having an official crash report can help you when filing a claim for personal injuries after a New Orleans car accident.

While you wait for the police, take pictures of the accident scene and ask witnesses for their contact information. Eyewitness testimony and pictures of the accident scene could be the key to proving fault for the accident.

2.  Go to the Doctor Immediately Even if You Believe You Are Not Seriously Injured

Some accident injuries may not be noticeable for a few hours or a couple of days after an accident. Do not tell the officer or anyone at the accident scene that you are “okay” or you did not sustain injuries.

If you are unsure whether you are injured, you can state that you will see your doctor as soon as possible instead of saying you are not injured. When you see your doctor, report all symptoms, even if the symptoms seem minor, such as headaches or a sore neck. If you discover you were injured, having a record of the symptoms right after the accident can help prove the crash caused your injuries.

3.  Do Not Talk to Anyone About the Car Accident

Most accident claims settle without going to court. However, you cannot be sure that your case will not go to court. Anything you tell your friends or family could become evidence at the trial.

Avoid talking about the accident’s details except with your attorney, including posing information online or on social media.

4.  Do Not Settle Your Accident Claim Too Early

You may receive a settlement offer soon after the accident. In some cases, the insurance company may rush to settle a claim before the person completes their treatment plan. Settling your claim before your doctor releases you could result in the loss of thousands of dollars in compensation for damages.

If an insurance company pushes a settlement offer, talk to a lawyer to ensure you receive a fair settlement amount.

5.  Contact Our New Orleans Car Accident Lawyer for a Free Consultation

Dealing with an insurance adjuster after an accident can be frustrating. The adjuster may pressure you to settle your claim or provide a formal statement. The adjuster may tell you that your claim is not worth very much money.

Before you trust what an insurance company agent tells you, talk to a New Orleans personal injury lawyer. Get the facts about your case while you still have time to decide what is best for your case and your future.

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