Hazardous road conditions can happen suddenly. Distracted drivers and speeding drivers may not have time to adjust speed or direction to avoid an accident. The key to avoiding accidents caused by road hazards is understanding potential road hazards and being familiar with hazardous road safety tips.

Five Hazardous Road Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents

Slow Down During Periods of Heavy Traffic

Traffic jams frustrate most drivers. No one wants to sit in congested traffic. However, congested traffic can increase incidents of road rage and aggressive driving, which lead to accidents.

When you are driving in heavy traffic, reduce your speed and focus on the road. Avoid all distractions that could increase your risk of a traffic accident. If another driver is weaving in and out of traffic, stay in your lane and let the vehicle pass. Avoid cutting off drivers or making sudden lane changes.

Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can change quickly. Rain, wind, hail, snow, fog, and ice can increase the chance of a car accident. The National Weather Service provides safety tips for driving in severe weather conditions. Reducing speed and focusing on the road ahead are the best hazardous road safety tips for driving during adverse weather conditions.

Dealing with Pothole and Road Debris

Potholes and road debris cause car wrecks when drivers swerve to miss the debris or pothole. Drivers who run over potholes or road debris could experience a tire blowout or lose control of their vehicle, causing a car accident. Keeping your eyes and mind focused on the road ahead helps you detect road debris or potholes in time to reduce your speed and safely avoid hitting objects.

Avoiding Work Zone Accidents

Speeding and distracted driving are factors in many work zone accidents. Driving through a work zone can be tricky, especially with lane changes and narrowed traffic lanes. Always reduce your speed and pay close attention to signs and directions in a work zone.

Following Vehicles Hauling Items

Vehicles hauling items can also be a dangerous road hazard. Items not appropriately secured can fall off vehicles, causing car wrecks. Whenever you follow a vehicle hauling items, allow more distance between that vehicle and your vehicle. Pass the vehicle at the first safe opportunity.

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