Dangerous drugs and defective drugs cause thousands of deaths and injuries each year. People trust that the prescriptions and over-the-counter medications they receive are safe to use. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Large pharmaceutical companies are concerned with profits over safety. Sadly, their greed often leads to tragedy for innocent victims.

If defective drugs have injured you, there are three important myths about defective drug claims that you must know to protect your legal rights.

Three Myths About Defective Drug Claims

If you believe that a defective or dangerous drug caused your injury or illness, remember these three myths about dangerous drugs:

Recalled Drugs Are Removed From the Market Immediately

Most people rely on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to remove defective drugs from the market. However, the FDA does not remove drugs from the marketplace. The FDA can recommend and request that a drug is removed from the market. However, it is up to the drug manufacturer to issue a recall of defective drugs.

You can access a list of recalled drugs, market withdrawals, and safety alerts on the FDA’s website. Just keep in mind that not all recalled drugs may appear on the list.

Injuries From Defective Drugs are Immediate

Some individuals who take defective drugs might experience immediate adverse reactions to the drug. The person might require emergency medical care because of a dangerous drug. However, many people do not begin to experience signs of an illness or injury symptoms until months or even years after taking a dangerous drug.

For example, it could take years for a person to develop cancer after taking a defective drug. A family might not be aware that a dangerous drug caused the death of their loved one until after an autopsy is performed, and extensive research is conducted into the cause of death.

Defective Drug Lawsuits Are Only For Prescription Medications

Many people assume that they cannot file a claim or a lawsuit if an over-the-counter medication caused their injury. However, that is not true. Any medication that causes injuries or harm can be the subject of a defective drug lawsuit. Common pain relievers, cold medications, and antacids you purchase at your local drug store could be defective and cause an injury.

An example would be Zantac. Our dangerous drug lawyers are currently litigating cases involving Zantac or ranitidine, which was available over-the-counter before it was removed from the market.

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