When your doctor prescribes medication to treat a condition or illness, you depend on that medication to work to make you better. The same is true when you purchase over-the-counter medications. You do not expect medications to make you worse or cause additional injuries. Tragically, thousands of people are injured or die because of defective drugs each year.

Product liability laws exist to protect consumers from defective drugs. While these laws might not prevent injuries from defective drugs, the laws provide a legal remedy for consumers. Individuals injured by dangerous drugs can seek compensation for their injuries and damages from the parties responsible for the defective products.

Who Is Responsible for Defective Drugs?

Many different parties play a role in designing, testing, manufacturing, and distributing medications. There could be one or more parties responsible for your injuries and damages. Parties who might be named in a defective drug lawsuit include:


The laboratory that designed and/or tested the drug could be liable for damages. The lab may have cut corners during testing or hid dangerous side effects.

Drug Manufacturers

Drug manufacturers are responsible for creating safe-to-use medications for consumers. Pharmaceutical drug companies are generally the primary defendant in product liability lawsuits related to a dangerous drug.

Drug Distributors

Drug distributors may also have some liability for damages caused by defective drugs. A distributor who intentionally misleads or falsifies information about a drug’s safety or the potential side effects of a drug could be liable if the drug injuries a patient.

Healthcare Providers

Your doctor could also share in the liability for injuries caused by drugs if your doctor failed to discuss the side effects of the drug with you before prescribing the medication. A doctor could also be liable if he failed to check for adverse reactions from combining certain medications.

Proving Liability for Injuries Caused by Dangerous Drugs

Proving liability for defective drugs can be difficult. The process of determining who is responsible for your injuries, how the drug was defective, and how the defect caused your injury can be lengthy, time-consuming, and expensive. A product liability lawyer who handles defective drug cases is the person you need to consult about your claim.

An attorney familiar with defective drug claims understands how to investigate your claim to gather evidence of negligence and wrongdoing. The lawyer also has the resources necessary to hire experts and access evidence that you might not be able to do yourself.

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