People who are in a car accident in New Orleans can help or hurt their chance of receiving money for an accident claim by the things they say. There are several statements that a person can make after a car accident that could make it much more difficult for them to recover fair compensation. What a person says after a car crash could prevent them from receiving any money for an injury claim. Let our New Orleans car accident lawyers help you avoid these mistakes and other errors that could prevent you from receiving the compensation you deserve when a negligent driver causes you to be injured.

Three Things You Should Never Say After a Car Accident in New Orleans

These three statements can hurt your personal injury case:

1.  I am sorry about the accident.

Never admit fault for a car crash, even if you believe you could have contributed to the cause of the accident. You cannot be sure of your level of fault until a car accident lawyer completes a thorough investigation of the crash. If you are entirely at fault for the cause of the traffic accident, you cannot recover any money for your damages.

Insurance companies use comparative fault laws to reduce the amount of money accident victims can receive for a traffic accident. Being partially at fault for the cause of an accident could result in less money for your damages. Even saying you are sorry for the crash could be interpreted as admitting fault. Wait until you talk with a car accident lawyer before saying anything about fault.

2.  I am not injured.

Do not state that you are not injured at the accident scene or after the crash until a doctor evaluates your health condition after a collision. It is okay to state that you are not sure if you are injured, and you will be seeing your doctor instead of going to the emergency room by ambulance. However, insurance companies use statements by victims at the accident scene to argue that the accident did not cause the injuries.

Prompt medical attention and documentation of your injuries improve your chance of recovering fair compensation for your injuries and damages. Delays in medical care can negatively impact your case.

3.  I do not need a New Orleans car accident lawyer.

Car accident cases can be very complicated. Insurance providers have extensive resources and personnel to investigate and fight insurance claims. Their goal is to pay nothing for your claim or pay as little as possible to get rid of your claim.

You need to level the playing field. You need a legal team on your side who fights for your best interests and fair compensation of all injuries, financial damages, and losses.

The New Orleans car accident lawyers of the Olinde Firm offer free consultations so that you can get the legal advice you need before deciding how to handle your car accident claim.

Do not trust an insurance adjuster who is protecting the insurance company’s profit margin. Trust Attorney Fred Olinde and the legal team at The Olinde Firm to protect your legal rights and best interests.

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