Motorcycle accidents in New Orleans happen for many reasons. The one factor that most motorcycle accidents have in common is injuries. Motorcyclists are at high risk for severe injuries because of the lack of protection. Wearing motorcycle helmets and motorcycle gear helps reduce the risk and severity of injuries, but they cannot protect a rider from the impact of a speeding vehicle.

Common Factors That Cause NOLO Motorcycle Accidents

1.  Drivers Do Not See Motorcycles

One of the most common causes of a motorcycle crash is a driver fails to see the motorcycle. Motorcycles are smaller vehicles, which can make them more difficult to see. A rider can reduce the risk of being struck by another vehicle by wearing brightly colored clothing, adding additional lights as allowed by law, and using hand signals in addition to turn signals.

2.  Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a common cause of all types of traffic accidents. Distractions include using cell phones, grooming, reading, setting vehicle controls, reaching for objects, and taking care of children. Motorcyclists and motorists who take their attention away from the road can cause an accident.

3.  Alcohol-Impaired Driving

Just a couple of drinks could impair driving abilities. When a person is intoxicated, the chance of an accident increases. Alcohol impairs judgment, concentration, reflexes, and coordination. A split-second reaction could avoid an accident. Alcohol slows reaction time, which can be the reason for a motorcycle accident.

4.  Inexperienced Motorcyclists

Operating a motorcycle requires a special skill set. It takes experience to handle a motorcycle. A person without experience could be at a higher risk of an accident. Taking a motorcycle safety course is an excellent way for new riders to gain experience and learn techniques and motorcycle safety tips that can prevent a motorcycle crash.

5.  Weather and Road Conditions

Being on two wheels instead of four wheels puts a rider at a disadvantage in poor weather conditions. Likewise, hitting potholes and encountering other road hazards on just two wheels can be more dangerous. Losing control of a motorcycle during poor weather or road conditions can result in a serious motorcycle accident.

Who is at Fault for a Motorcycle Accident?

Determining who is at fault for a motorcycle accident is crucial. You cannot recover money for a motorcycle accident claim unless you can prove that the other driver caused the collision.

Therefore, identifying the factors that contributed to the cause of the crash is one of the first steps a motorcycle accident attorney takes when investigating a claim. Determining which driver is responsible for each contributing factor and gathering evidence to prove fault is the next step.

Hiring an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help increase your chance of recovering fair compensation for your injury claim. While you focus on your recovery, your attorney is working to prove that the other driver is responsible for your injuries. Your attorney also helps you document your damages to maximize the value of your claim.

Without an attorney, you are on your own. You are fighting a large insurance company that has teams of professionals working to protect it from liability. The insurance company has no interest in paying a fair amount for your claim. Its goal is to pay as little as possible. You need someone on your side fighting for your best interests.

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