If you are involved in a car accident with your kids in the car, it can be very frightening. Your first concern is for the child’s health. However, the steps that you take after the car crash can also have a significant impact on the child’s legal rights. If you did not cause the car accident, the other driver or another party might be liable for your and your child’s damages and losses. A New Orleans car accident attorney can help you protect your and your child’s legal rights after a traffic accident.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident with Kids in the Car

1.  Call for Help.

The quickest way to get help after a car accident with kids in the car in New Orleans is to call 911. Request police and emergency medical services. Check on your child and remain with your child until help arrives.

2.  Gather Evidence.

Generally, we would advise victims to gather as much evidence from the accident scene, if it is safe to do so. However, a parent is not thinking about evidence when a child is injured or in need. If you can take photographs, ask for eyewitness information, and make notes, that would be helpful. In some cases, a bystander may be willing to take videos and take photos with your cell phone while you stay with your child.

3.  Medical Treatment.

Always have your child examined by a physician as soon as possible after a car crash. Concussions, TBIs, and soft tissue injuries may be difficult to diagnose without a medical expert. Your child’s injuries must be diagnosed quickly to create a treatment plan that has the best chance of success. Also, delays in treatment could negatively impact your child’s injury claim.

4.  Do Not Make Statements.

Do not allow your child to talk with an insurance adjuster. It is also wise for you to avoid making statements to the insurance company until after you speak with a NOLA car accident lawyer.

5.  Notify Your Insurance Carrier.

Contact your insurance provider to report the car accident. Depending on your car insurance policy, you might have coverage that pays medical bills and loss of income while you are waiting to settle the injury claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

6. Don’t Accept the First Settlement Offer.

The insurance company may offer a quick settlement, in some cases before your child completes medical care. In many cases, the first settlement offer is less than the claim is worth. It is wise to consult an attorney to ensure that the amount being offered for settlement is fair given the value of your child’s injury claim.

7.  Contact an Experienced New Orleans Car Accident Lawyer

The attorneys of The Olinde Firm offer a free consultation for you and your child. We want to hear what happened to you and how the accident has changed your life. We are concerned about your child and want to help protect your child’s legal rights and best interests.

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