For many people, the official kickoff to the holiday season is Thanksgiving Day.
However, traffic has already increased as families prepare to host holiday
dinners and parties. Family and friends are also arriving in New Orleans for
the holidays, which increases the amount of traffic on our roads.

An area of concern for increased traffic accidents that can be overlooked during this time
of year is parking lot accidents. Parking lots are also more crowded as
shoppers hurry to get what they need and go on to their next stop. As you
prepare for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season, it can be good to
slow down and take time to review safety tips for avoiding parking lot
accidents during the holidays.

Tips for
Avoiding Parking Lot Accidents During the Holidays

  • Slow Down — With
    extra people and vehicles in parking lots, you may need extra time to stop to
    avoid a collision. When entering any parking lot, reduce your speed.
  • Always Follow Directional Signs — It can be tempting to quickly rush down an aisle the wrong
    way to grab one of the last parking spaces near the store. However, going the
    wrong way in a parking lot is one of the common reasons for parking lot
    accidents. Pay close attention to directional signs and do not go against
  • Avoid Distractions — Distracted driving accidents are also common in parking lots. Drivers
    look down to pick up items they need, so they are ready to get out of the car
    as soon as they park. They may look at lists or text messages for reminders of
    what they need to pick up. Drivers may also be distracted by the people walking
    through the parking lot or passengers in their car. Make sure you keep a good
    lookout when driving through a parking lot to watch for cars backing out or
    people walking.
  • Be Careful Backing Up — Double and triple check behind your vehicle when you are
    backing up. A car or a person can suddenly appear behind your vehicle. Slowly
    back out and watch for cars and people.
  • Watch for Children — Children can always dart out in front of or behind your car, but it can
    be more difficult to see them in crowded parking lots. Be prepared to stop
    suddenly to avoid an accident with a child.
  • Grocery Carts and Buggies Can Be Dangerous — People leave grocery carts and
    buggies in places they do not belong to avoid walking back to the store or a
    cart return. Also, runaway carts can be a problem. If a car is near your
    vehicle when you park, it is best to push it inside as you enter the store so
    that it does not roll into your vehicle.

Do I Need
to Call the Police for a Parking Lot Accident?

It is best to contact the police to report the accident so that you have an official
record of the crash. If possible, take photographs and make a video of the
accident scene before the vehicles are moved. Evidence of the position of the
vehicles immediately after a parking lot accident can help determine fault for
the crash. Also, ask the store or property owner for a copy of the surveillance
video showing the accident. This evidence can also be extremely helpful in
proving that the other driver caused the collision.

Contact a
New Orleans Car Accident Attorney for Help

If you are involved in a holiday parking lot accident, get help from an experienced NOLA
car accident lawyer. Even though many parking lot accidents are considered
minor fender benders, it is always best to consult an attorney to learn about
your legal rights and your options for ensuring your damages are compensated
fully by the other driver.

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