Halloween is the day of the year in which children can ask for candy and treats from friends, family, and others with enthusiastic permission from their parents. However, trick-or-treating in New Orleans can be dangerous because of heavy traffic in neighborhoods. Even if you attend a Halloween event in NOLA, it can be dangerous walking through crowded parking lots when drivers are more focused on locating a parking space or rushing to another event. Pedestrian accidents are a real concern for many parents throughout New Orleans.

Parents and caregivers need to take precautions to prevent Halloween pedestrian accidents in New Orleans.

Halloween Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating and Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

Make Your Children Visible

Drivers may have more difficulty seeing children at night, especially when a child is wearing a dark-colored costume. Taking a few extra steps to make your child more visible to drivers reduces the risk of Halloween pedestrian accidents. Some tips that can help include:

  • Use reflective tape or stickers on the costume
  • Let your child wear “light up” shoes that blink when he or she walks
  • Put a bright flashlight in the pumpkin or trick-or-treat bag
  • Use glow sticks as part of the costume or flashing buttons and necklaces
  • Carry a flashlight yourself to help avoid stumbling and add additional light for drivers to see

Always Supervise Children Closely

Older children may ask to trick-or-treat with friends instead of going with you. However, it is always best to have at least one or two adults walk with children when they trick-or-treat. Children are impulsive, and they do not have the maturity to understand consequences. It is important to have an adult present to remind children not to cross streets, run through parking lots, or take any chances that can put them in danger.

Hold Hands with Younger Children

Younger children can become very excited by the sights and sounds of Halloween events and trick-or-treating. They may dart out quickly when they see something or to get in front of a line. Holding hands while walking, especially along roads or through parking lots is the best way to prevent a child from darting in front of a vehicle.

Talk to Children

Even though you probably tell your children each time you are walking that they need to be careful, they need to look both ways, or that they need to hold hands before crossing the street, it is a good idea to review rules with them before leaving for Halloween events or trick-or-treating. Children may listen more attentively if you talk to them before you leave home. There will be too many distractions in the vehicle or at the event for children to listen attentively.

More Halloween Safety Tips for New Orleans Parents

You can get more information about preventing Halloween accidents and safety tips for Halloween from the following websites:

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