It is back-to-school time for thousands of students in Louisiana. As children return to school, drivers need to take additional steps to prevent child pedestrian accidents. Children of all ages will be walking to and from school and bus stops. They will be crossing roads at bus stops, intersections, crosswalks, and in school drop-off lines. Because of the catastrophic injuries a pedestrian accident can cause a child, back-to-school time in New Orleans is the perfect time to review some basic pedestrian safety tips that can help reduce the risk of a child pedestrian accident this school year.

Pedestrian Safety Tips for School Zones

Whenever you are approaching a school zone, slow down, especially during school hours. Most school zones have special speed limits during certain hours. However, it is always best to slow down whenever you drive through a school zone. Avoid all distractions while driving in a school zone. By remaining alert and reducing your speed, you might avoid hitting a child who runs into the road suddenly.

Watch for children who might be walking along the side of the road or who may be waiting to cross the road. Children often run into the road when they see their vehicle approaching, to catch up with a friend, or to retrieve an object that might have fallen or blown into the road.

Pedestrian Safety Tips for Crosswalks and Loading Zones

As with school zones, always reduce your speed when approaching a crosswalk. Look for and follow the directions of the crossing guards. Their job is to direct traffic, adults, and children to ensure that everyone makes it across the road safely. If the crossing guard motions for you to stop, do not drive through the crosswalk for any reason. Wait until the crossing guard gives the okay to proceed and you visually verify that all children are safely across the road before proceeding through the crosswalk.

Watch for signs around the school that direct the path vehicles should take to drop off and pick up children. When driving through school car lines and school parking lots, drive slowly and avoid distractions. Children can run between and behind vehicles, which can increase the risk of a pedestrian accident.

Pedestrian Safety Tips for School Bus Stops

School bus stops are another dangerous area for child pedestrian accidents. Children waiting for buses or walking to/from home are at risk of being injured by drivers who are distracted, careless, or negligent. When you approach a school bus or a school bus stop, slow down and watch for children who might enter the road. Obey all Louisiana laws regarding school buses. Passing a stopped school bus is not only dangerous; it can result in a costly traffic ticket and other penalties.

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