Many accident victims struggle with the decision when to seek legal advice regarding their accident claim. Should they see an attorney immediately after the traffic accident, after they complete medical treatment, or after the insurance company denies the claim or refuses to pay the amount they want to settle the claim? Our New Orleans accident attorneys encourage you to see an attorney as quickly as possible after a car accident for several reasons.

Reasons Why You Should See a NOLA Car Accident Attorney Now Instead of Later

One of the most important reasons to seek legal advice is to protect your right to a fair and just settlement of your claim. It is impossible to know if your legal rights are being violated if you do not know your legal rights. An attorney can explain Louisiana personal injury laws and how those laws impact your ability to receive compensation for your car accident injuries, financial losses, and damages. Your attorney can explain how laws related to the statute of limitations, negligence, and comparative fault impact your claim.

Let’s take the statute of limitations, for example. The statute of limitations restricts the time a car accident victim has to file a personal injury lawsuit. The deadline for filing car accident lawsuits varies by state. In Louisiana, it is very short. You have just one year after the car accident to file a lawsuit or lose your right to pursue legal remedies against the driver or another party who caused the crash. Yes, just one year.

However, for accident victims who sustain catastrophic injuries, they could still be receiving treatment close to a year after the crash. Even for the victims who sustain less severe injuries, the insurance claims process could take several months. If a victim is not released from the doctor for four to six months and the insurance company denies liability, a victim could have just a few months to investigate the accident, gather evidence proving fault, and identify the liable parties before the deadline to file a lawsuit.

An experienced NOLA personal injury lawyer can draft and file a lawsuit quickly, if necessary. However, it is better to have ample time to investigate the incident before filing the lawsuit. You want to ensure that all parties who might of liability for your claim are identified and named in the lawsuit. You do not want to lose the ability to sue a party who is liable for the accident because there was insufficient time to conduct a thorough accident investigation.

By contacting an attorney now instead of waiting until it is close to the deadline to file a lawsuit, you give your attorney the necessary time to conduct a comprehensive accident investigation. Do not jeopardize your ability to recover the compensation you deserve after a negligent party recklessly causes you to be injured in a car accident.

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