When you use a medical product, you expect that product to help you. Whether it is a prescription medication or a piece of medical equipment, you expect the product to improve your condition. You do not expect to be injured by a medical product. Unfortunately, there are many defective medical products and dangerous drugs that cause injury instead of helping to heal patients.

Drug manufacturers and medical equipment manufacturers go to great lengths to hide defective products. They deny claims of injuries and deaths caused by defective medical products. They hide behind studies and opinions by “experts” they have retained to “prove” their products are safe for consumers. Unfortunately, the government does not always remove dangerous medical products from the market. The FDA may issue a warning or notice, but it does not always require a company to recall a product.

Therefore, it is up to consumers, their doctors, and defective product lawyers to work together to hold large corporations responsible when their products cause injuries and death for the patients who trusted them when they stated their products were safe.

Steps to Take After Being Injured by a Medical Product

If you suspect that you have been injured because of a defective medical product or a dangerous drug, you need to take certain steps to protect your health and your legal rights. Our Louisiana defective medical products attorneys suggest that you:

  • See Your Doctor Immediately — Your health is your first concern. Delaying medical care could make your injuries worse. Make an appointment with your physician immediately for an examination. Also, delaying medical care could create a liability issue when you file a defective product claim. The sooner you see your doctor, the better for your health and your injury claim.
  • Preserve the Item — If possible, keep the product, all packaging, and evidence of purchase. Do not tamper with the product in any way. Make sure you keep all documentation and instructions that came with the product or literature regarding the drug. If you believe a medical product used in the hospital or doctor’s office was the cause of your injury, gather any information together you may have regarding the product to take to an attorney.
  • Document Your Losses and Recovery — As you recover from your injuries or illness, keep a detailed record of all financial losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, travel expenses, and other out-of-pocket costs. Also, record your daily pain level and struggles that you encounter during your recovery.
  • Contact a Louisiana Product Liability Lawyer — As soon as possible after you receive medical care, contact a product liability lawyer in New Orleans to discuss your case. Product liability cases are difficult and complex. You need an experienced attorney working for you who understands product liability laws as they relate to defective medical products and dangerous drugs.

Call a New Orleans Defective Medical Product Attorney for More Information

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