Being in a traffic accident can turn your life upside down. The interference in your life can range from minor (small property damage claims) to catastrophic (life-altering injuries). However, regardless of the severity of the crash or your injuries, there are two mistakes that you want to avoid after a car accident. These two car accident mistakes could significantly impact your ability to receive the compensation you deserve and you need following a New Orleans car accident.

New Orleans Car Accident Mistake Number One: Failing to See a Doctor As Soon As Possible

We cannot say it enough. Accident victims need to seek medical treatment as soon after the accident as possible. Delaying medical treatment can have a negative effect on your treatment plan and your health. However, a delay in medical care can also have a negative effect on your injury claim. Insurance companies like to use delays in medical care to claim that the car accident was not the cause of the injury or the injury is not as severe as the victim claims.

It is understandable why some people do not seek medical treatment after an accident. Some injuries may not present symptoms until a few hours or days after the accident. Some individuals may assume that the aches and pains after the accident are “normal” because of the force of the collision. It is not until weeks after the accident that the person finally sees a doctor because the symptoms are not going away or have become worse.

Instead of waiting, see your doctor for a complete examination. It is best to document all symptoms, even minor symptoms, as soon as possible after an accident. Those minor symptoms could be an indication of a serious injury that may require time off work and medical care. See a doctor now to help avoid problems with your injury claim.

New Orleans Car Accident Mistake Number Two: Accepting a Settlement Offer Too Early

The second mistake accident victims make is accepting a settlement offer from the insurance company too early. If you have not completed medical treatment, it is too early to accept an offer. It is impossible to know the extent of your injuries and damages until the doctor releases you from his or her care. You need your doctor to provide an impairment rating, if applicable, so that you can use that rating to demand a fair settlement for your injuries.

Furthermore, insurance companies often offer quick, low settlements to get rid of a claim before the victim realizes the severity of the injury or losses. These settlement offers are often for amounts far lower than the actual value of the case.

If you are unsure about a settlement offer, it is best to speak with a New Orleans car accident attorney before accepting the settlement. Of course, if the insurance company has been dragging out the claim, you may need to hurry to speak with an attorney to avoid missing the deadline to file a lawsuit to protect your rights.

Contact a New Orleans Car Accident Attorney Now

Don’t make the mistake of allowing an insurance adjuster to convince you that you do not need to talk to an attorney. You have the right to legal counsel. Exercise that right to protect yourself and your family after a car accident.

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