As we approach the July Fourth holiday weekend, it is a good idea to review some of the poor driving habits that all drivers share that can lead to traffic crashes. If we are honest with ourselves, we are all guilty of these five driving behaviors occasionally. Unfortunately, we never know when a momentary lapse in good driving judgment may lead to a tragic auto accident.

1. Speeding

Speeding is a common factor in many deadly traffic crashes. Twenty-seven percent of the fatal accidents in 2017 involved speeding. Studies have shown that increased speed is also a factor in the severity of injuries in an auto accident. Leaving early is one way to avoid the temptation to speed during the long holiday weekend.

2.  Driving Under the Influence

Drinking and driving is another common factor in traffic fatalities, especially over holiday weekends. Twenty-nine percent of the traffic fatalities in 2017 were attributed to alcohol-impaired accidents. Make sure that you have a designated driver or other means of transportation if you intend to include alcohol as part of your July 4th celebrations this year.

3.  Distracted Driving

Texting and driving and cell phone use continue to be common forms of distracted driving that lead to traffic accidents. Even though we know thousands of people are killed each year in distracted driving accidents, many drivers continue to believe they can multitask behind the wheel. The risk is simply too great. Our focus should always be on the road ahead.

4.  Drowsy Driving

Drowsing driving is another poor driving decisions that can be deadly. Many of us are guilty of driving when we are drowsy or fatigued, especially when we are returning from a vacation weekend. Drowsy driving accidents resulted in 795 deaths in 2017. Before heading out for a July Fourth road trip, make sure that you get plenty of rest. If possible, share the driving responsibilities with another adult.

5.  Road Rage

Road rage or aggressive driving is a very dangerous driving habit. You do not need to yell at other drivers or try to run them out of the road to be guilty of road rage. How many times have you followed another vehicle too closely, passed a vehicle when it was not safe to do so, or cut another driver off because you were frustrated with the driving conditions? Driving conditions can be frustrating, especially when the roads are crowded during the July Fourth holiday weekend. Leaving early can help reduce road rage. If you are taking your time, you are less likely to become enraged because of traffic conditions.

Contact A New Orleans Auto Accident Attorney for Help with Claims Involving Traffic Crashes

If you are involved in a traffic accident during the July Fourth holiday, we can help. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages, but the insurance adjuster may not give you an honest answer about the value of your claim. Before accepting a settlement amount, find out what the true value of your claim is by contacting a NOLA car accident attorney.

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