If you are involved in a traffic accident in New Orleans, having evidence to prove that the other driver caused the accident is crucial if you want to recover compensation for an accident claim. Louisiana’s personal injury laws require that you prove that the other driver did something to cause the crash before you can recover money for an injury claim.

Our New Orleans traffic accident attorneys thoroughly investigate accidents to determine fault and gather evidence. However, any information and documentation you can provide from the accident scene can greatly help in strengthening your case for full recovery of all damages.

How Can Taking Pictures of a Traffic Accident Help Me?

A police officer typically does not take pictures of an accident scene. The officer may describe the location of the vehicles and sometimes draw a diagram. He will note what each driver claimed happened that caused the collision. However, the accident report may not paint a clear picture of how the accident really occurred.

Photographs and videos of the accident scene can give a clearer indication of how the accident occurred. This evidence can help substantiate your claim that the other driver caused the crash and that you deserve to be compensated for your injuries and losses.

Tips for Taking Photographs and Videos of a Traffic Accident

First, you never want to place yourself or any other person in danger to take pictures or make videos. If you are injured, do not try to move around to take pictures because you could cause yourself further injury. However, if you can safely move about to take photographs, here are a few tips to keep in mind that can help you capture evidence that may prove fault for the crash:

  • Take as many photographs as possible,but start with a video first. A video captures everything, even things that you may not notice or know that you need to snap a picture of after a crash. The photographs and videos need to be from as many angles as possible.
  • Try to include the location of the vehicles immediately after the crash and the damage to the vehicles in your videos and photographs.
  • Take pictures of broken glass, road debris, skid marks, traffic signs, and the surrounding area. Overgrown brush,defectively designed intersections, missing traffic signs, or other conditions could be factors in the cause of the crash.
  • Make sure that all the videos and pictures have date and time stamps.

Do not get in the way of police or first responders to take pictures. You should always obey instructions from first responders to avoid placing yourself and others in danger at an accident scene.

Contact a New Orleans Traffic Accident Attorney for Help

You do not need to have pictures of an accident scene to win your case. Pictures may help, but our New Orleans traffic accident attorneys are experienced lawyers who understand how to investigate an accident and gather evidence to prove fault.

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