It is unclear if the holiday shopping season may increase the number of accidents in parking lots around New Orleans, but the season does appear to increase parking lot accidents throughout the country. Approximately 50,000 parking lot accidents occur each year in the United States, causing more than 500 deaths and 60,000 injuries. However, the number of parking lot accident claims seems to spike on Black Friday and continue through the holidays.

Why Do Parking Lot Accidents Spike During Holiday Shopping?

There could be several reasons why parking lot accidents appear to increase during the holidays. Accidents in parking lots occur for a variety of reasons throughout the year. The combination of increased traffic in parking lots and increased distractions could be the reason for more accidents. Drivers may be distracted by typical activities such as using a cell phone or reaching for objects.

However, during the holidays, drivers may be focused on their errands and be in a rush to get to the next. A driver could be focused on their shopping list or if what they just purchased is the right size or the perfect gift. When your mind is not focused on driving, it increases the risk for an accident.  Therefore, focusing on the holidays could contribute to the increase in parking lot accidents.

The increase in the number of people and vehicles in parking lots can also be a contributing factor to the increase in collisions. Drivers who are in a hurry may speed through parking lots, cut other drivers off to get a parking space, or fail to look before backing out of a space. Drivers should slow down, use turn signals, obey all directional signage, and continuously watch for pedestrians and other vehicles to avoid an accident.

What Should You Do After a Parking Lot Accident?

Many people are tempted to exchange insurance information instead of calling the police. If the damage is extremely minor, such as a scratch or small dent, this might work. However, you never know when a driver may change his or her story to claim that you were the person who caused the crash.

Therefore, you must use your judgment when deciding whether to call the police. Remember, it is usually best to err on the side of caution when in doubt. If you are in doubt, call the police. If you come out to your vehicle and it has been hit, you definitely want to call the police to report a hit and run accident.

If you are injured, always call the police to report the parking lot accident. Even if you suspect you could be injured, you should call the police. Some accident victims may not experience symptoms of injuries immediately after the accident. Therefore, you could be stuck with thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages if you are injured, but the other driver claims you caused the crash and you have no evidence other than your word against his word.

Contact a New Orleans Car Accident Attorney

Regardless of whether you called the police for your parking lot accident, our New Orleans car accident attorneys can help. Even if the other driver claims you caused the crash, you may still receive compensation for your injuries if we prove the other driver is lying.

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