Statistics show that bicycle commuting has increased by 94 percent since 2010 in New Orleans. In 2017, over 5,100 people used bicycles for their commute. The city now ranks fifth for its share of bicycling commuters out of the country’s 70 largest cities. In addition, the number of people commuting by walking has also increased. Last year, just over 11,000 people chose walking to commute.

Therefore, New Orleans drivers are now sharing the road with more pedestrians and bicyclists. Is there a reason why?

Why Are New Orleans Residents Turning to Walking and Bicycling to Get Around the City?

People choose to give up their vehicles to walk or bicycle to work for several reasons. Some people may choose an alternate means to commute to save money on gasoline and parking fees. Other individuals may find bicycling to work relaxing and good for their health.

The city has also made it easy for residents to commute on foot or by bicycle. The flat streets around New Orleans have also made the city attractive for pedestrians and bicyclists. The city now has 120 miles of bikeways making it much easier for bicyclists to navigate the city streets with motorists.

Also, a contractor is in the process of installing 485 new bike racks throughout several areas of the city. The Blue Bike network, a bicycle sharing network, also promotes bicycling throughout the city as a form of transportation for residents and tourists.

Sharing the Road with Bicyclists and Pedestrians

Motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians need to share the road carefully to avoid a tragic accident. When a motorist is approaching a crosswalk, the driver should slow down and look for pedestrians who may be crossing the road. If a driver is passing a bicyclist, the driver needs to ensure there is enough space between the car and the bicyclist not to put the rider in jeopardy.

Distractions can be deadly for anyone on the road. Drivers must avoid distractions that take their eyes off the road or their minds off driving. Just a few seconds looking away from the road can result in a deadly accident. However, bicyclists and pedestrians must also avoid distractions. Walking and biking while distracted can be just as dangerous and deadly as driving while distracted.

Pedestrians and bicyclists must also take steps to avoid an accident. Bicyclists should always check to ensure a car is not turning before going through an intersection. In addition, riders should be extremely cautious when riding beside parked cars to avoid a dooring accident. Pedestrians need to walk on sidewalks and use crosswalks whenever possible.

For additional information and safety tips for sharing the road with pedestrians and bicyclists, you can check these websites:

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