When you are injured in a car accident, dealing with the insurance company for the other driver can be overwhelming. Some insurance adjusters are aggressive. They pressure accident victims to settle claims before the victims have completed medical treatment. In other cases, adjusters may unreasonably delay or deny valid insurance claims. Have you considered whether or not you need to hire an attorney to help you with your insurance claim?

Hiring an experienced New Orleans car accident attorney to handle the insurance claim can relieve some of the stress of dealing with a car accident. In addition to dealing with the insurance adjuster, an experienced NOLA car accident attorney can protect you from unfair settlement offers. Your attorney investigates the crash to determine the cause and identify the liable parties. In addition, your attorney gathers and secures evidence required to prove fault to recover compensation.

Having an attorney by your side is a huge relief. However, what happens when you cannot afford to hire a New Orleans car accident attorney for a car accident claim?

The Contingency Fee in Car Accident Cases

First, the attorneys of The Olinde Firm offer free case reviews so that you can get answers to your questions and legal advice without worrying about paying a consultation fee. In addition, the firm accepts most car accident cases on a contingency fee basis.  A contingency fee allows you to hire an attorney without paying a retainer fee.  In other words, you can get the legal assistance you need now without paying any money up front for the attorney’s fee.

When your case is settled, the attorney’s fee is deducted from the settlement proceeds before the attorney disburses the funds. If the attorney does not recover money for your claim, you do not pay the attorney a fee. The fee is based on a set percentage that you and your attorney agree upon when you retain the attorney.

Contingency fees allow accident victims to have a legal team to protect their best interests. The insurance company has a team of professionals, including attorneys, investigators, and adjusters, to protect the company’s best interests. Accident victims deserve competent legal representation regardless of their financial status.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident in New Orleans

If you are injured in a car crash in New Orleans, the following steps can help protect your legal right to recover compensation for an injury claim:

  • Call 911 to report the car accident and wait for the police to arrive.
  • Do not admit fault. Saying you are sorry can be interpreted as admitting fault.
  • Try to take pictures and make a video of the accident scene.
  • Ask eyewitnesses for their names and telephone numbers.
  • Go to the emergency room or see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Do not discuss the case with the insurance adjuster for the other driver without first consulting with an attorney.
  • Call a New Orleans car accident attorney for a free consultation.

Call for Your Free Case Review with a New Orleans Car Accident Attorney

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