Motorcyclists can be seen riding in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana. For many riders, their motorcycle is more than just a weekend vehicle. Many motorcyclists ride every day because they use their motorcycle as their primary form of transportation. Regardless of whether you ride a few times a month or every day, the risk of severe and life-threatening injuries is something that all motorcyclists must face.

Motorcycles do not provide riders with the same level of protection as a car provides occupants within the vehicle. Therefore, riders must be aware of the risks and hazards they face each time they ride. Below are four hazards that Louisiana motorcyclists must deal with each time they get on their motorcycle to ride.

  • Weather and Road Conditions

Weather and road conditions can pose a significant threat to motorcyclists. Motorcyclists must be aware of changing weather conditions and take appropriate actions to avoid a crash. Rain and wind can increase the risk of a motorcycle crash. In addition, road debris, potholes, oil, and other road hazards can cause a rider to lose control of the motorcycle. Riders should remain alert and avoid distractions that could reduce reaction time.

  • Distracted and Impaired Drivers

Unfortunately, there is not much a motorcyclist can do to avoid distracted and impaired drivers because they cannot control the actions of other motorists.  However, by remaining focused and alert while riding, a motorcyclist may be able to avoid an accident if the rider can react in time when a distracted or impaired driver does something to place the motorcyclist in danger.

  • Inexperienced Drivers

Inexperienced drivers can be as dangerous for a motorcyclist as a distracted or impaired driver. Drivers with little experience may change lanes or make turns without checking for motorcyclists because they do not have as much experience watching for bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists. Inexperienced drivers are often super-focused on operating the vehicle which impairs their ability to notice riders. Again, motorcyclists cannot control this risk, but they can remain alert to give themselves as much time as possible to react to the actions of other drivers.

  • Large Trucks and Commercial Vehicles

Large trucks and commercial vehicles are a problem for all motorists because these vehicles have exceptionally large blind spots. These blind spots or “no zones” are dangerous for drivers and motorcyclists because the truck driver cannot see vehicles that are in the blind spots. Because motorcycles are much smaller than the average passenger vehicle, it can be even riskier for riders to be in a truck’s blind spot because the driver may not notice the motorcycle. Riders should avoid driving in a truck’s blind spot whenever possible.

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