If you drive in New Orleans, you are aware of the city’s numerous traffic cameras. Many of the cameras are located on some of the busiest streets in New Orleans. The City Council is seeking answers to budget questions related to the traffic cameras. According to a report The Times-Picayune/NOLA by Kevin Litten, the City Council did not receive the answers to its questions about the red light cameras during a meeting last week.

During her campaign, Mayor LaToya Cantrell promised a review of the traffic camera program. However, some council members appeared to be frustrated by the “lack of preparation” by the Mayor’s office.

The traffic camera program has been a topic of debate in New Orleans.  Proponents of the program argue that the cameras discourage drivers from speeding, especially in school zones. However, opponents of the traffic camera program argue that the traffic cameras do not have a significant impact on deterrence and could be illegal.

One of the issues under debate is how would removing traffic cameras impact the city’s budget. The numbers have changed since the city approved the 2019 budget, but it is estimated that the traffic camera program could result in revenues for the city of $19 million.

Do Red Light Cameras Prevent Accidents?

According to the IIHS, several studies indicate that red light cameras significantly reduce the red light violations. In addition, the studies indicated that incidents of red light running at intersections near the intersection with a camera also fell.

Another study compared cities with red light cameras to cities without a red light camera program. The study found that red light cameras reduced the rate of fatal red light running accidents by 21 percent and the rate of all types of fatal crashes at intersections with cameras by 14 percent. IIHS research conducted in California found that intersections with red light cameras experienced a 29 percent reduction in injury crashes after the cameras were installed. T-bone or side-impact crashes fell by 32 percent, while side-impact crashes involving injuries fell by 68 percent.

The debate whether red light cameras prevent accidents will likely continue. However, the continued use of red light cameras in New Orleans appears to be far from being resolved.

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