Large truck or commercial trucks can be seen on our roads each day. These extremely large, heavy vehicles are necessary to transport goods across the United States, but they can cause horrific injuries in a crash with a passenger vehicle. During 2016, the NHTSA reported that about three-fourths of the deaths in large truck accidents were occupants of other vehicles. Louisiana has its share of large truck accident fatalities. There are approximately 95 fatal crashes in Louisiana each year involving large trucks or buses.

Our New Orleans truck accident lawyers offer free consultations so that you and your family can learn about your legal rights regarding a truck accident claim. Commercial truck accidents are much more complex and involve state and federal trucking regulations. You need an experienced truck accident attorney who understands the complexities and challenges of these cases. You need an attorney who is willing to stand strong and fight for your right to recover full compensation of all injuries.

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Common  Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

A truck accident can occur for many reasons. However, some of the common reasons for a truck accident are:

  • Truck Driver Error

Truck driver error and negligence is one of the most common causes of truck accidents. A commercial truck does not maneuver in the same way as a smaller vehicle nor can it stop as suddenly as a passenger vehicle. Therefore, truck drivers must remain focused on driving to avoid crashes. When a truck driver is distracted, fatigued, impaired by alcohol or drugs, speeding, or reckless, other people pay with their lives for the driver’s negligence.

  • Trucking Company Negligence

In addition to the truck driver, the trucking company has an obligation and a duty to ensure that the vehicles they place on the road, and the drivers they hire are safe. Trucking companies can be held liable for improper vehicle maintenance, hiring inexperienced drivers, failing to conduct thorough background checks of drivers, failing to train drivers, and other negligent acts. In some cases, a trucking company may encourage employees to drive more than legal driving hours or falsify records and books.

  • Defective Truck Parts

Defective truck parts and equipment failure may also be a contributing factor in truck accidents. Commercial vehicles have complex parts and systems. Each of those systems must be in pristine working condition, or the truck could malfunction causing an accident. A manufacturer could be held liable if a defective part or system was a factor in a truck crash.

  • Improperly Loaded Cargo

If the cargo is not loaded correctly, the cargo can shift during transit causing the truck to turn over or the driver to lose control. Improperly loaded cargo also includes loading a truck beyond its weight capacity.

  • Weather and Road Conditions

Weather and road conditions can be a factor in some commercial truck accidents. However, you should not assume that you cannot file an accident claim if the weather was poor or a hazardous road condition contributed to the crash. In many cases, other parties were negligent and played a factor in causing the truck accident. You should always consult a New Orleans commercial truck accident attorney before settling a claim or discussing your claim with an insurance adjuster or another party.

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