This question is a common question that our clients answer during a free consultation. Most accident victims want to know who much money they can receive for their injury claim. It is not that they are interested in a huge windfall. In fact, if they could undo the damage caused by the car accident, they would gladly give up the money to do so.

Unfortunately, when you are injured in a car accident, you suffer more damages than just your physical and emotional damages. You can suffer great financial damages too. This financial loss can result in an urgency to settle your claim. However, we strongly urge you to consult with our attorney before you discuss settlement with the insurance adjuster. Failing to seek legal advice could result in a much lower payment to you than the claim is actually worth.

Calculating the Value of a Claim

The value of a claim depends on several factors. From your injuries to the length of time you spend in physical therapy, every factor can have a profound impact on the value of your claim. For example, the severity and type of injuries can increase the value of the claim. If you suffer a spinal cord injury that results in partial paralysis, the value of your claim is going to be substantially higher than a victim who suffered a broken leg.

With a spinal cord injury and paralysis, you may be unable to return to work. You may also require ongoing medical care and personal care. If so, the value of your claim will include projected future damages. Over the span of your life, medical costs and lost wages could total millions of dollars.

The amount of your out-of-pocket damages also impact the value of your claim. The more money you have spent on medical bills and the higher your lost wages, the more your claim will be worth. Your attorney will work with you to ensure you have all bills, invoices, statements, and receipts included in the amount of money you demand as settlement for your claim.

You are also entitled to claim an amount for your pain and suffering damages. Pain and suffering refer to the mental anguish, physical pain, emotional stress, and decrease in quality of life you suffer because of the accident and your injuries. Because this amount is subjective, it helps to hire an experienced New Orleans car accident attorney who understands how to maximize pain and suffering damages.

In addition to the above, other factors can impact the value of your claim.  Our lawyers have experience in calculating the value of accident claims. We understand how to use the evidence in a case to maximize the chance of recovering compensation for the full value of your damages.

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