On December 15, 2017,  the Olinde Firm filed a lawsuit of behalf of our client involving a premature failure of the DePuy Synthes’ Attune Knee System. The lawsuit was filed in the District Court for the Western District of Louisiana. The complaint files states that thousands of patients, like our client, have been, and/or will be, required to undergo extensive revision surgery to remove and replace the defective Attune device.

DePuy Synthes markets the Attune Knee System as having “patented technologies” that improve range of motion and give patients “the confidence of a stable knee replacement.” However, in recent months, DePuy Synthes has filed dozens of reports with the Food and Drug Administration documenting premature failures of the Attune Knee System that have resulted in the destabilization of patients’ knee replacements and painful revision surgeries.

Thousands of patients have been implanted with the Attune Knee System. Symptoms associated with premature failures of the Attune Knee System include:

  • Instability
  • Loosening of the tibial baseplate component
  • Unusual Swelling
  • Soft Tissue Injury
  • Decreased Range of Motion
  • Persistent Pain
  • Permanent Damage to Bones & Nerves

In most cases, the only medical solution for patients who experience a premature failure of their Attune Knee System is to undergo a revision surgery to remove the implant and replace it. These revision surgeries are often more painful and invasive than the initial replacement surgery.  When a knee replacement prematurely fails, you can face many serious issues ranging from infections to muscle or nerve damage, bone loss and more. Revision surgeries are expensive and can result in many ongoing expenses.

The attorneys at the Olinde Firm are currently investigating knee replacement cases involving the DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System. When you have questions about your specific case, contact us for a free, no-obligation review of your case.