Have you been injured in a traffic accident? Did a dangerous drug or defective medical product cause you to be injured? If so, you need an experienced New Orleans personal injury attorney to represent you in filing an injury claim against the party responsible for your damages.

When choosing a personal injury attorney in New Orleans, it is important to choose an attorney who will represent you aggressively and protect your best interests. Below are mistakes you should avoid when hiring a personal injury attorney in Louisiana.

  • Hiring an attorney who does not limit the practice to personal injury cases.

Some attorneys accept whatever case walks through the door. They do not limit their practice to any area of law.  By hiring an attorney who limits the practice to personal injury claims, you can increase the chance that your attorney has developed the resources, skills, and knowledge needed to win complex personal injury cases, including car accidents, motorcycle crashes, and commercial truck accidents.

  • Hiring a friend or family member.

If this is the sole reason you are hiring an attorney, you might want to think about your decision again. While your friend or family member may be a great attorney, is he a great personal injury attorney? Does he have experience handling the type of clam you are facing? If not, you might want to ask this person for a reference because he probably knows a great personal injury attorney instead of hiring him to handle your claim.

  • Hiring a New Orleans personal injury attorney without doing any research.

It can be difficult to know if you are hiring the right attorney for you. However, you can do your homework to rule out potential issues such as complaints and disciplinary issues. Check with the state bar association for complaints or issues, review online comments, ask friends and family for references, and read the attorney’s website. Do not be afraid of meeting with several attorneys before hiring an attorney to handle your claim.

  • Hiring an attorney who tells you the value of your claim during your first visit.

Sure, an attorney can throw out any number during a free consultation, but how accurate is that number? Our New Orleans personal injury attorneys understand the steps necessary to value a claim correctly — a thorough investigation, review of final medical opinions, consulting experts regarding future damages, and discussing ongoing pain and suffering issues with the client. It is impossible to know the true value of a claim until you reach maximum medical improvement. An attorney who promises you to get you “XX” amount of money is not necessarily the best attorney for you.

  • Hiring a settlement attorney.

Some lawyers settle all their cases because they handle large volumes of claims and need to move these cases as quickly as possible. Ask the attorney how many cases he settles and how many cases go to trial. You want an attorney who is an experienced trial attorney in addition to being a skilled settlement negotiator.

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