Bicycles Safety in New Orleans

Bicycling is popular in New Orleans as a convenient and low-cost form of transportation. Many people also bicycle because they enjoy the health benefits and being outdoors. For some children, a new bicycle may be on the top of their Christmas list for Santa Claus this year. Parents who are considering a bicycle for Christmas need to make sure that their children understand bicycle safety and how to avoid a bicycle accident involving a motor vehicle.

Bicycle Safety Tips for Children

Children do not understand the dangers of riding a bicycle near traffic.  Therefore, we must educate our children on the safe way to enjoy riding their bicycles near traffic, especially near streets that are heavily traveled by motorists.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, helmets that are properly fitted can reduce the risk of head injuries 45 percent or more. Sadly, less than half of the children 14 years of age and under wear a bicycle helmet. Therefore, when you give a bicycle to a child for the holidays, make sure that you include a bicycle helmet and other safety equity such a knee and elbow pads. Children should be taught to wear their bicycle helmet and safety equipment each time they ride their bicycle, regardless of where they are riding or how long they intend to ride the bike.

Other bicycle safety tips for children from Safe Kids Worldwide include:

  • Whenever possible, ride on a sidewalk or bicycle path. Because some cities or towns may forbid riding on sidewalks, you should check with your local government for laws regarding riding bicycles on sidewalks.
  • Ride in the same direction as traffic. Keep as far right as possible.
  • Whenever you are turning or maneuvering with traffic, use the proper hand signals to let motorists know what you intend to do.
  • Use reflectors and lights on your bicycle to increase visibility. You need to make your child’s bicycle as visible as possible for motorists.
  • Make sure your child wears brightly colored clothing and use reflective materials to help increase visibility.
  • Whenever possible, ride bicycles with your children. Teaching by example is one of the best ways you can ensure your child understands the risks of riding a bicycle. You also need to make sure your child understands traffic laws for bicyclists.

Motorists Need to Be Cautious

As a motorist, it is your responsibility to avoid an accident with a bicyclist. When approaching neighborhoods, schools, parks, and other areas where children may be riding bicycles, slow down and pay close attention to the road. On Christmas day and the weeks after, keep in mind the children may be learning to ride their new bicycles, so slow down and pay more attention to the road to avoid a tragic bicycle accident with a child.

Has Your Child Been Injured in a New Orleans Bicycle Accident?

If your child has been injured in a bicycle accident with a motorist, you need the assistance of an experienced New Orleans bicycle accident attorney. Our lawyers want to help you and your child recover the compensation your child deserves for the pain and suffering he or she has suffered because of a negligent driver.

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