If you are traveling for the Thanksgiving or Christmas Holidays this year, you need to take steps to protect your medications when traveling. In addition, you must also be aware of how holiday alcoholic beverages can affect your medications. Below are tips and information from our nationwide defective drug attorneys that can help you this holiday season.

Tips for Taking Medications with You on Vacation

  • Take written prescriptions with you when you are traveling in case your medication is lost or stolen so that you can replace prescription medications without an issue.
  • Do not take medications out of the bottles. It may be tempting to use a pill organizer; however, without the bottles, you have no proof those drugs belong to you.
  • When traveling by bus, plane, or train, it is best to take your medications with you in a carry-on bag. Over-the-counter medications can be packed in checked baggage because you can replace those medications much easier if your luggage is lost or delayed.
  • You should only carry your medication or the medication for a family member. Carrying another person’s medication could cause issues if your bags are searched.
  • It is also a good idea to have a letter from your doctor detailing your prescription medications, including the dosage amounts.
  • If your medication must be kept cold, you can use ice packs if traveling by car. However, if you are traveling by plane or other public transit, check with the airline or another provider to determine what is acceptable.
  • Review the information provided by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for travelers with disabilities and medical conditions.

Safety Tips for Drinking During the Holidays When Taking Medication

Many people like to enjoy alcoholic beverages during the holidays.  However, some medications do not mix with alcohol. The effects of alcohol on certain medications depend on several factors, including the type of medication, your weight, your age, and your general health. The amount of alcohol can also determine the effects of the medication. While one or two alcoholic drinks may not have much of an effect, drinking several drinks or drinking over a few days could have a significant impact.

Before enjoying holiday drinks containing alcohol, check with your physician or pharmacist to review your medications. You need to understand the potential side effects. The effects of some drugs are increased by alcohol, while other drugs have negative effects when combined with alcohol. It is best to check before you consume alcohol to avoid a potentially dangerous side effect.

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