One of the common reasons that many people give for not contacting an attorney after a traffic accident is the cost of an attorney. They fear that hiring a personal injury attorney can be more costly than can afford, especially when they are struggling with medical bills and being out of work after the accident. In addition, they listen to insurance adjusters who tell them that attorneys only take their money and they can do “fine” without an attorney.

The truth is that you need a New Orleans car accident lawyer to protect your legal rights. You need an attorney to ensure that the insurance company treats you fairly and you receive a just settlement amount for your claim. You also can hire an attorney without any out-of-pocket costs when you hire an attorney on a contingency fee basis.

What is a Contingency Fee in New Orleans Car Accident Cases?

A contingency fee allows you to hire a competent, experienced accident attorney regardless of your financial situation. Instead of paying thousands of dollars up front for a retainer fee, your attorney agrees to deduct his attorney fees from the settlement proceeds. You and your attorney agree to a percentage of the settlement funds as payment for the attorney fees. Once the attorney obtains a settlement or recovers money for your claim, he deducts that percentage from the proceeds of the settlement. If the attorney does not recover money for your, then you do not owe the attorney any attorney fees.

Why is a Contingency Fee Important?

Contingency fees allow you to hire an attorney without worrying about how you will pay the attorney. For many accident victims, money is already tight because they are out of work because of their injuries. Our attorneys do not want the fear of paying a retainer fee to keep accident victims from obtaining the assistance they need.

We want to give victims a team of professionals that will work to protect their best interest the way insurance adjusters and defense attorneys protect the insurance company. By accepting cases on a contingency fee basis, we give you the opportunity to have a legal team on your side without coming up with thousands of dollars for a retainer fee.

Have you been injured in a traffic accident in NoLA? If so, you need a Louisiana personal injury attorney to fight for full compensation for all damages, losses, and injuries. Do not allow the insurance company for the other driver to take advantage of you because you feel you cannot afford an attorney.

Call a New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney for a Free Appointment

In addition to accepting most accident cases on a contingency fee basis, we offer free legal consultations.  Our lawyers want you to learn about your options for recovering money for your claim before you accept a settlement agreement or make a mistake that can jeopardize your accident claim.

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