If you have never been involved in a car accident, it can be difficult to know the steps you need to take to protect your legal rights. Unfortunately, most people do not search for answers to car accident questions until after they have been injured in a crash. If a person did research this question beforehand, they might have handled the car accident much differently from the way they did.

You cannot go back and change what has already happened. However, the information below may help a family member or may assist you in the future if you are involved in another accident. Also, if you have been injured in a New Orleans car accident, this information may help you to avoid costly mistakes moving forward.

I should have called the police!

The first thing you should do after any traffic accident is to call 911 to report the accident. Even if you believe the accident is “minor” or you are not seriously injured, you still need to report the accident and request a police officer. It helps your claim to have an official record of the accident, especially if you were not at fault. Some individuals who seem very cooperative after the crash can suddenly change their story to claim they were not involved in an accident or their story changes completely from what they said at the accident scene.

I wish I had gone to the doctor sooner.

If you are not transported to the emergency room from the accident scene, you should see your physician as soon as possible. Delaying medical treatment is dangerous for your health, and it could hurt your ability to recover full compensation. Insurance companies use anything they can to reduce the value of an accident claim, including a delay in medical treatment. Even if you believe your injuries are minor and you will recover fully after a few days of rest, see your doctor to confirm your beliefs.

I would not have posted to social media.

We take social media for granted these days. It is not uncommon for an accident victim to share news about the accident on their social media accounts. They also share information about their injuries and recovery. However, defense attorneys have become very good at locating information online that can be used against accident victims. It is best that you avoid using social media until you have consulted with an experienced New Orleans accident lawyer. Your lawyer can explain the dangers of using social media while your accident claim is pending and how you should handle social media until your case is resolved.

I would have hired an attorney sooner.

An insurance adjuster may tell you that you do not need an attorney and an attorney will just take your money. However, the insurance adjuster is not working for your best interest. The adjuster would prefer to work directly with you because you may not realize the true value of your accident claim. You may not understand all your legal rights and how to pursue full compensation for your claim.  Sadly, many accident victims realize too late that they should have consulted an attorney much sooner to protect their right to recover a fair and just amount for their accident claim.

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